L.A. People Are Now Juicing Charcoal

Charcoal lemonade. Yum.
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Charcoal lemonade. Yum.
juice served here charcoal lemonade for detox

Better digestion is just one grainy, charcoal-y sip away.

You've heard Sable talk about the DIY beauty uses of activated charcoal, but some holistic lifestyle folks are taking it one step further--to ingestion. No, we're not talking about chomping on charcoal pellets, we're talking about juicing. L.A.'s Juice Served Here makes a raw, organic, cold-pressed Charcoal Lemonade. Mouthwatering, right? This strange new "juice" (which looks dirt water) is said to be neutral in flavor, if a bit grainy, and good for detoxing and digesting. >>Visit Well+Good for the full story