I Miss Cheese So Much, But These Are the 5 Biggest Benefits of My New Lactose Intolerance

There was a grieving process to cutting off my top food friend, but there have been some perks, too.
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There was a grieving process to cutting off my top food friend, but there have been some perks, too.

About two months ago, there were very few things more comforting to me than nachos. If I could blanket myself in the melted cheese and sour cream and live my life in a dairy cocoon, I 100% would. I would be happy. I would be safe. I would be comforted.

As it turns out, though, dairy cocoons are not a real thing, but the exact opposite of my dream reality, lactose intolerance, is a very real thing.

I went to the doctor with some intense stomach pains and told her I thought I may have either a dairy allergy or an ulcer. She agreed that those are both very logical conclusions, which obviously validated every hypochondriac spiral I’ve ever been on, and now I think I’m a legit doctor. Mom’s gonna be so proud! But that’s neither here or there. My mom became lactose intolerant around the same age I am now, and since there was no blood in my stool—huzzah!—my doctor and I decided to eliminate dairy from my diet. She advised that I can reintroduce goat cheeses or yogurts in small portions to see what was tolerable with my digestive system, but only when I was ready.

And just like that, my dairy cocoon melted away and I was no longer safe, or comforted, or happy.

JK, I actually feel better than ever. But eliminating dairy wasn’t easy. There was a grieving process to cutting off my top food friend, but there have been some great benefits as well, and here are the top five.

Benefit #1: No More Bloat


I'm no longer in a state of constant inflammation. It’s super-hard for my body to digest proteins that it doesn’t have the enzymes to digest anymore, so it felt consistently ballooned. I was uncomfortable, which was ironic seeing as though cheese was my go-to comfort food. The exact thing I wanted to find relief in was causing my body distress. Since eliminating dairy, I feel more streamlined, more at ease with myself and my being.

Benefit #2: Fresh Face


My skin has never looked so even-toned, clear, and fresh. There have been countless studies on diet and acne, some discounting, some showing evidence for the correlation. Studies and data aside, I have found through my personal experience that my skin looks noticeably improved.

Benefit #3: Eating Awareness

I now pay attention to what I’m putting in my body. I was never one to mull over ingredient lists or even give a second thought to what I was eating. In food I trust. And I trusted everything, for better or for worse. Sure, I prided myself on not being a “picky eater” and being nutritiously low-maintenance. But I was not doing myself any favors, I ate anything and I ate it for any reason. Now, I pay attention. I read labels. I know more about what I’m digesting.


Benefit #4: Exercise With Ease

My exercise routine seems lighter, easier and more manageable. My body can work out without feeling overly exhausted. I have more energy and I feel more productive with my workouts.


Benefit #5: Dealin’ with Emotions

Bored. Lonely. Stressed. Lunchtime. Second Lunchtime. Whatever. This wasn’t smart eating. I have since become more aware of what I’m consuming, how I feel when I consume it, and why. 


I think more about my food and my body and my emotions. I now recognize my feelings and have become more aware of them rather than turning to my comfort food, cheese.

This allergy is new to me and even though I thought I would rather jump into a dumpster of flames than give up my nachos, I now kinda like this new lifestyle and all the vibes and feelings that are coming with it.

  • Do you all have any food allergies? 
  • Do you love cheeses?
  • Are you a new adult allergy sufferer just trying to live your life, like me?