This Roll-On Headache Remedy Is Probably Witchcraft

Province Apothecary's plant-based oil mixture is changing my life.
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Province Apothecary's plant-based oil mixture is changing my life.

I am constantly getting the worst headaches. They can be triggered by a poor night of sleep, a long bike ride wearing my backpack, a drive in the car--anything. 

It's a pretty constant struggle, and though I've tried, I've really never been able to pinpoint where they come from. I also do my very best to avoid taking painkillers (for a long time I took Advil daily), so most days I just struggle through. 

The constant pressure and soreness makes me feel a little insane sometimes, and once and a while (when a particularity evil headache strikes) I'll just burst into tears for no apparent reason. It's like all the water in my body builds up inside my head.

I've tried a few natural remedies, none of which really provided a long-term solution. Yoga and massages seem to help a lot (though they makes things a lot worse first), but I don't have endless funds to throw at a regular schedule for these things. Sleep helps, but napping in the middle of the day isn't always possible. The list of solutions that don't really work goes on and on...

But wait... what's this?

But wait... what's this?

The other day, I was out picking up a candle for a friend's birthday present, and I stumbled upon Province Apothecary's Therapeutic Roll-On Headache Remedy. Packaged in a blue glass tube, it claimed to help calm a headache if rolled on your temples and the back of your neck (the company's founder later told me I should also put it into my hair/scalp for quicker absorption into the bloodstream). 

I studied the tester, looked at the $16 price tag, and tried to convince myself it was a bad idea. “You don’t need any cosmetics today,” I told myself. “You’re becoming an addict!”

But as I wandered around the small store, eyeing Catbird rings and Dieppa Restrepo loafers, I kept coming back to the Province Apothecary section. 

The little rows of therapeutic roll-ons were tempting me. A special oil to aid sleep? To calm the nerves? All three of the tiny cylinders enticed me, but none as much as headache relief. 

I grabbed the tester, and rolled some liquid onto my skin where the instructions told me to. I then bought the candle, and walked out. If my headache goes away, I thought, I’ll put it on my Christmas list.


Fifteen minutes later I walked back into the store and greedily snapped up the very last bottle they had in stock. My headache had dulled, subdued by the magic of this mystical headache roll-on perfume-type thing. I felt the pain lifting, and that pressure that incessantly resides behind my eyes started to fade. 

For me, this relief was nothing short of wizardry.

I’ve been using the roll-on daily, every time a headache strikes, and I am overjoyed to report it really has worked for me. I also feel super-happy to be supporting a small local brand! 

Province Apothecary is a Toronto-based organic skincare line. Started up by Julie Clark, a holistic health practitioner and aromatherapist, Province Apothecary uses natural plant based ingredients to balance and beautify. She also has an adorable little spa where you can get facials and such, which I’ve yet to visit (I am so visiting soon).

Like seriously, buy it now!

Like seriously, buy it now!

Headache Remedy is a crafty (as in witchcrafty) blend of peppermint oil, lavender oil, sunflower seed oil, basil oil, black pepper oil and lemon balm. It rolls on nice and light, and though I can’t promise it will help you like it has helped me, I absolutely recommend giving it a try if your head always feels like it’s going to explode. It might just provide the healing magic you’ve been looking for. 

This is currently only a special order item, so contact them to order a hand-blended bottle.