Philosophy’s Violet-Scented Lotion Is Helping Me Make It To Spring Without Cabin Fever

I am so sick of winter that I’m beginning to wilt, but this body lotion reminds me that spring is on its way!
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I am so sick of winter that I’m beginning to wilt, but this body lotion reminds me that spring is on its way!

This winter is really getting the best of me. I can feel my sparkle fading by the day, and not even sequins and jewels are cheering me up lately. I keep getting sick over and over again, and the heating in my house wouldn’t keep a polar bear warm. Seriously, I bought a bouquet of flowers to cheer myself up last week and it was so cold in my kitchen that they died in two days! 

Help me, I’m wilting!

Help me, I’m wilting!

It seems I’m wilting just like the flowers did, and I’m in desperate need of a pick me up.

I love flowers and anything flowery. I love when the weather gets warmer and the air smells sweet, when velvety petals line the sidewalks, and flowering trees come into bloom. But since Toronto is having the longest, worst winter I’ve ever experienced, I haven’t seen or smelled fresh, happy flowers in a long time. 

Luckily, Philosophy’s floral scents have given me new hope.


Field of Flowers is Philosophy’s floral-scented product range. With delightful blossom illustrations on the bottle, and six different fragrances, the line is just about as springy as it gets. 

I chose the Violet Blossom Body Lotion, as violet has always been one of my favourite florals (tied with rose), and I figured my body could use the lotion as much as my nose could use the scent.

A tiny blob of bottled springtime

A tiny blob of bottled springtime.

The smell of this body lotion is heavenly. Think a calm field of vibrant purple violets swaying in the wind, with just a touch of comforting grandma’s-house scent. 

When I’m shivering and cold after I get out of the shower, I like to coat myself in this lotion and lie on my bed for a few minutes, imagining, if only for a moment, that I’m in a distant meadow somewhere with the sun beaming down on my face. The violet scent is relaxing and sweet, and best of all, the base of natural oils and shea butter makes my skin super-soft. 

Can we go outside yet?!

Can we go outside yet?!

What’s your favourite floral-scented product? Are you spring dreaming like me, or are you lucky enough to live someplace warm?