I Got My Face Scanned And You Should, Too

Also, I am totally exposed and at my most vulnerable here.
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Also, I am totally exposed and at my most vulnerable here.

In the last week I have learned three very important things: always buy real leather pumps a half-size up, tea tree oil dries out your hair, and most importantly, getting your face scanned is the best thing for your skin’s future.

Last weekend, I was at Whole Foods drinking a smoothie with my friend Colleen. This was post-yoga workout, and I rarely work out, so this was an extremely productive morning for me. On our way to check out, Colleen spotted a machine in the au naturel beauty section.

Colleen: “OMG. Its one of those machines!”

Me: “What?”

Colleen: “It scans your skin and analyzes it. We need to try it!”

I seriously had no what she was talking about. I didn’t even know the scanner existed until I saw the damn thing. It made me a little nervous, too, letting a scanner expose the dismal, bleak reality of my skin’s condition.

We approached the counter, and Devin (a Natural Beauty Advisor with MyChelle) said the machine was the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis Scanner. She explained that the scanner takes a picture and uses it to analyze the condition of your skin above and below the surface. The session was also free, so we obviously couldn’t say no.

Simonietta Face Scan Products

Lovely skin products. We all know the secret to beautiful skin is how you take care of it, right?

I have never had my skin examined, poked, analyzed, studied etc. The only person that has ever been that close to my face has been my boyfriend. (He said my skin was looking blotchy the other night and gave me some sulfur-infused product to rub on it. It smelled like crap, but my skin looked amazing the next day. I probably won’t do it again.)

After having my face scanned, which took less than five seconds, everything good and bad about my skin appeared on the screen. It was…surreal.

Simonietta Face Scan 2

I need to wear more sunscreen.

It located UV-damaged spots, red areas, large pores, brown spots, how much bacteria is on my skin, wrinkles, and a lot of other things.

The higher the number, the better you are doing in that specific category. Apparently, I have a lot of UV spots and brown spots beneath my visible skin. And I already knew I have some red areas I have to take care of.

Simonietta Face Scan 1

With the bad comes the good, so I get small pores and no wrinkles.

After the scan, Devin went through all of the results and sent me home with a handful of MyChelle samples to help with my hurt ego and skin: the Magnolia Fresh Eyes, Cranberry Mud Mask, and the Incredible Pumpkin Peel.

These products are amazing, by the way! Magnolia Fresh Eyes is a serum for dark circles and puffy eyes. I have the puffiest eyes in the morning and am usually still asleep when getting ready. A few minutes after putting it on, the circles under my eyes lighten and the puffiness is gone. I don’t think this one had anything to do with the scan, but I kept complaining about my dark circles, and she knew just what I wanted.

Simonietta Face Scan Prod

This stuff is basically the beauty gods' way of saying, "You can snooze for an hour. Your boss will never know you just woke up."

The Cranberry Mud Mask is surprisingly light and fresh. I had enough for three uses, but put it all on my face because I was so excited. And I used the Pumpkin Peel this morning, which made my skin feel smooth and it evened out my skin tone.

I am not entirely sure if these scanners are at Whole Foods nationwide. But if you’re in Austin, Texas, Devin is there Fridays and Saturdays giving free consultations and beauty recommendations.

Have you guys had your face scanned or analyzed like this?