An Adorable Brand That Lets You Take Your Tea With Skincare Products

Miyu brilliantly pairs their beneficial teas with tea-infused "beauty essences" for your face.
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Miyu brilliantly pairs their beneficial teas with tea-infused "beauty essences" for your face.

I love tea. I love tea so much in fact that it’s hard to explain just how much. I mean I have a teacup tattoo…

Yes, yes I do!

And earrings.

I worked in a tea shop for two years and, during that time, learned just about everything there is to know about the world’s second most consumed beverage (bested only by water). I don’t drink coffee (if you think I’m bubbly now, never give me coffee), but I drink an average of 15 cups of tea a day. I currently own 72 different types of tea (mostly 100g tins), and I’m still thirsty for more. 

So, when I came across Miyu, a small Canadian company with four tea-centric products, I got really excited.


Miyu is the tea-infused, cruelty-free creation of Connie Tai, a small-town Canadian who moved to NYC and found stress and city life made her skin freak out. In an effort to calm her breakouts, she turned to tea, and so Miyu was born. 

Beautifully packaged in pearlescent pastels with hints of gold, Miyu includes two teas and two "beauty essences," which are grouped into two “lifestyle pairings”: Hydrate Mi and De-Stress Mi. Because the winter has been so hard on my skin (raise your hands if you’ve had peeling skin and chapped lips for over a month) I opted for the hydration combo.


Let’s start with the “beauty essence.” A hybrid of toner and serum, this product comes in a pretty little spray bottle and should be applied before moisturizer, or anytime during the day afterwards if you’re feeling a little dry. It features a blend of rose, wild pansy, goji and mangosteen, as well as Miyu’s three signature ingredients: green tea, white peony, and pearl. Together, these ingredients protect the skin from free radicals, boost hydration, and encourage even skin tone an radiance.


I love spritzing my face with the sweet, floral-scented mist, and I’ve found it really does balance my skin tone and give me a much-needed moisture boost--definitely a product I’ll be adding into my daily skincare regimen.


Now onto my favourite part: the tea! 

Miyu’s Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea is an organic green rooibos base, meaning it’s naturally caffeine-free, high in antioxidants, full of electrolytes, and anti-inflammatory. It also contains nine types of flavonoids that fight free radicals, helping to keep skin looking young and fresh. 

Rose petals, snow pear essence, and candied pearls (!) are added to the blend for taste, and goji berries up the antioxidant qualities and collagen production (because they're so high in vitamin C).


Fruity and floral, this tea is delicious, and has been helping me wind down and hydrate before I go to bed. Loosely packaged in pyramid tea bags to preserve flavour and optimize health benefits, it is definitely a must for those with dry skin as well those who love both beauty and tea!


Are you a tea fanatic? Any other tea-infused beauty I should know about?