The Heart-Shaped Bath Bomb That Will Dazzle Even Most Jaded Valentine’s Day Hater

This Lush creation is the epic, heartwarming, Disneyland firework finale of bath bombs.
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This Lush creation is the epic, heartwarming, Disneyland firework finale of bath bombs.

It’s not that hard to figure out the sort of things I like, and as a result, I have people tagging me on Pinterest and Instagram pretty often, pointing me toward super-pretty products. A really great glitter polish? I get tagged. That baby-pink camera? Alyssa needs that.

I’m not going to lie, it contributes pretty massively to my credit-card-maxing tendencies, but since I’m trying not to spend so frivolously this year, I’ve been (unsuccessfully) attempting to ignore the tags. 

A few weeks ago, though, a friend who works at Lush posted a picture of their new Sailor Moon-esque Love Locket bath bomb and promised, “I think you’ll really love this one. There are a lot of surprises.” 

Intrigued, I turned to the internet for more research. The product page on Lush's website reads:

The outside layer is speckled with paper hearts that will float out to the surface of the pink water, and the hidden center releases a smattering of shiny red agar seaweed hearts to create a spectacular bath time display.


Pardon? Shiny hearts? Pink water? OK, yes I was sold. Even though I don’t even have a bath, I suddenly needed to experience the surprises for myself.

Lush was kind enough to send me some Love Lockets alongside a few other Valentine’s products, and I couldn’t wait to test them out. I promptly texted Brianne, my bath-owning friend who lives nearby, and begged her to let me use her tub the next day. She agreed because she’s nice like that, so I packed up my little "lockets" and trudged through the snow to her house.

Once safely inside Brianne’s apartment, we got to work hacking away at the bath bomb. The Lush website advises to cut the heart in half first to reveal a second bath bomb inside, and to use them separately for more bath time fun.

The weird thing is, even with a super sharp knife, there was no chopping up this thing! It was rock solid! So we gave up, and instead filled the bath up with hot water and dropped the heart in whole.

So this isn’t happening...

So this isn’t happening...

Guys, this bath bomb was SO INSANE! The outer heart layer started fizzing like crazy, releasing a ton of pink and white hearts into the bath water and instantly turning it hot pink! 

Once that layer had fizzled away, the center bomb started to explode, sending out even more pink heart filled magic. Take a look for yourself:


By the time the bomb was gone, the whole bath was a foamy, Barbie pink masterpiece, complete with all different sizes of little hearts. My favourites were the red agar mini hearts that stuck to my body in the bath. They were like teeny, tiny bits of cute jello!

Seriously, even if you’re the ultimate Valentine’s Day hater and wish horrible tragedies upon all of the couples you know, you deserve to treat yourself to a Love Locket bath. 

She loves you, yeah yeah yeah <3

She loves you, yeah yeah yeah.