5 Fancy Dude Products Ladies Should Definitely Try Themselves

There's been an upswing in guy-centric grooming products in the past decade, and I am all about it.
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There's been an upswing in guy-centric grooming products in the past decade, and I am all about it.

I love dudes. Dudes are the coolest. I love the way they look, the way they smell (oh, the smell of a man who's been working outside, mixed with simple soap and maybe some diesel exhaust makes me weak in the knees). I love them. 

But I'm super-girly, so I'm never that girl with a boyish style or a knack for blending the masculine and the feminine--unless we're talking about beauty products! Or, rather, "grooming products."

There's been an upswing in dude-centric grooming products in the past decade, and I am all about it. I like fancy perfumes, face wash, scrubs and lip products and guess what? So do the men in my life! This is coming from someone who convinced her no-frills dad (his grooming routine is Lava soap and purple shampoo) to try out Kiehl's shaving cream and quickly converted him.

Since I'm single as can be at the moment, I don't have a boyfriend to swipe products from. Lucky for me, I can just pop into Minneapolis's premier mens' shop, Martinpatrick3 to get my fix. The fantastically decorated space in the North Loop neighborhood has expanded massively over the past few years and now offers objects for all facets of manliness, from clothing to shoes to accessories and housewares.

Don’t you wanna move in? I do.

Don’t you wanna move in? I do.

Obviously it's the apothecary section that I'm into; they sell fragrances from Odin and Santa Maria Novella, Le Labo candles, Marvis fancy toothpaste… to say it is exciting for a girl with champagne tastes is a massive understatement. 

So I spent a Sunday afternoon doodling about, choosing a few dude-oriented products that even ladies like me could appreciate. (Full disclosure: My old boyfriend used to manage this store.) Though everything in the space is lovely, here are a few products I wouldn’t mind taking up space in my ultra-girly bathroom cabinet.

Eight & Bob 

This has Kennedy connections. Selling point! When the young JFK smelled this fragrance on French perfume fiend Albert Fouquet, he fell for it and requested a few samples upon his return to the U.S. He asked for "eight, and if your production allows, one for Bob." (That would be Bobby, if you didn't know.) Fouquet sent them, and soon even Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart were requesting bottles of the scent, now dubbed Eight & Bob. 

It even LOOKS like a Kennedy.

It even LOOKS like a Kennedy.

It's been reissued as of late and it is utterly charming. It's fresh and bright, owing to the rare Andrea plant that can only be plucked a few months out of the year. Notes of violet, citrus, iris and cedar keep it grounded in the masculine realm, but it’s simple and well-rounded enough for a chick to wear too.

Malin & Goetz Lip Moisturizer 

I've talked about this product before, but it is my ultimate Holy Grail product. I have referred dozens of people to it, and they all thank me later. 

If you need a hard-working lip moisturizer that will give you the soft, magical lips of your dreams, this is your ticket. It's a semi-slippery, relatively thick balm that absorbs really fast so it doesn't look like you're wearing lip gloss, which is one of the reasons why it's strongly marketed to men. 

I put the teeniest amount on before bed and wake up with an angel mouth. It's not cheap, but I make a tube last almost a year. Trust me on this one. If this stuff can best a dry Minnesota winter, it's worth it.


Nasomatto Silver Musk 

I really, really hate fragrance that claims to smell "clean." I do not want to smell like laundry soap. I think that entire line of Clean perfumes are disgusting. You may as well buy Tide and wear that. 

However, Nasomatto's Silver Musk is a whole other story; it smells intriguingly clean, but nothing like freshly washed sheets. It smells like silver, a little bit light and metallic. Do you remember how Alex Mack would turn into silver goo? That's how this smells to me--like liquid silver.

Aesop Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel

My brother has always been anti-lotion. He doesn't like the way it feels on his skin and says it's too greasy. Is that a guy thing? I guess I've never really noticed any of my dude friends slathering on lotion now that I think about it. 

That's why products like Aesop's Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel are right up my bro's alley; he gets the moisture he needs without the slip-slide-y feel of lotion. And I am a fan of lotion in all its forms! 

They recommend leaving it in the fridge for use after sun exposure, which sounds heavenly.

Jack Black Beard Lube

Don't you get sick of girl shaving cream smelling like flowers and strawberries? I do. I don't smell like any fruity floral fragrance period. And as much as I love a cheap can of Barbasol men's shaving cream, it always leaves my legs feeling a little bit too squeaky and dry. 

Jack Black Beard Lube has a devoted following of dudes, but it's real good for lady legs (or wherever else) too. It's made with jojoba and macadamia nut oil to help soften and prime those pesky hairs for their eventual decapitation and locks moisture in instead of zapping it.


What are your favorite dude products? Do you implement any in your routine/steal them from your dad or your man or your friends? Have you gotten the men in your life hooked on any products like I have?