I Thought Facials Were A Total Waste Of Money Until I Actually Got One

I somehow managed to avoid getting a facial for 23 years, and now that I’ve had one, I can't believe I waited this long.
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I somehow managed to avoid getting a facial for 23 years, and now that I’ve had one, I can't believe I waited this long.

I never thought much of facials. I always pictured someone applying a mask, leaving me in a room with soft forest sounds playing, rinsing, poking at my face a bit until it gets red and puffy, and then sending me home. With prices ranging from $60 to more than $150, and stories like Taylor's, I always thought it was such a silly thing to spend money on. Couldn’t I just do all those things at home? 

I decided early on to dismiss facials as a rich lady thing, and never even thought about getting one. In retrospect, I probably should’ve taken the time to understand there is a lot more magic at work in the facial world, but I didn’t… until I read about Province Apothecary’s treatments.

A few of my favourite local bloggers had been mentioning Julie Clark’s skills recently, and my curiosity increased as I tried more and more of her incredible products. Finally, I got up the courage (and the funds) to actually book a facial. I figured the start of a new year was the perfect time to invest in a better face, right?

My blotchy, unconvinced “before” photo.

My blotchy, unconvinced “before” photo.

But even after the appointment was booked, and even after reading her very persuasive description (“The facial finishes with a relaxing + hydrating aromatherapy massage with a custom serum we blend for your skin’s needs”), I still wasn’t totally sold. I pictured myself in the future, writing about the regret I felt for spending money on something so silly, and the lack of results I had seen. 

I walked into Julie’s little studio expecting nothing special, and in turn, I was totally blown away.


Province Apothecary headquarters smells like a lavender-scented heaven. It’s warm and cozy, and bottles of magical tinctures and essential oils line the walls. 

Julie instructed me to lie down on her table, a pillowy mass with crisp, clean sheets and heating blankets in the bedding. 


Julie taught me all about her favourite DIY face masks, what different breakout areas mean, and why oil-free moisturizer isn’t necessarily the best, all while blending custom concoctions and slathering them all over my face. 

The steam felt wonderful, and the extractions were gentle yet thorough (apparently the key to this ideal combination is an oil massage to prep the skin, steam, and then extraction).


After a long and relaxing oil-serum facial massage, Julie got to work mixing me my own signature facial serum to apply at night. With the goal of fading my acne scars in mind, she blended me a little bottle of lavender, frankincense, helichrysum, german chamomile, and myrrh. 

She gave me plenty of other samples to try too, and enough instructions and amazing knowledge to fill a book.

Made for me!

Made for me!

I thanked her about a million times, then walked home with my face still dripping with oil to snap an as-realistic-as-possible after photo (because I love you guys so much).

The night of:


The next morning:


My skin broke out a bit, but Julie assured me it would go down in a few days, and it did. 

I started using PA’s moisturizing oil-based cleanser each night before gently massaging my serum into my skin to stimulate regeneration, and a week later, my skin has never felt better. It’s soft and glowing like never before, and I’m so happy with my results and Julie’s understanding of my skin that I’ve already bought a PA gift certificate for a friend with skin issues. 

If I wasn’t convinced before, I am now absolutely sure that Julie is a modern-day potion master with seemingly unlimited powers. Only magic could account for how good my face feels!


Do you believe in the power of facials? Or think they’re a big waste of money like I did?