4 Face Mists That Convinced Me They're Not Just Overpriced Water

Please enjoy several photos of me spraying myself in the face.
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Please enjoy several photos of me spraying myself in the face.

We've all seen those little bottles filled with what seems to just be expensive water, claiming to hydrate your skin and calm your senses. And I can honestly say, until last summer, I thought that was all a load of crap.

I thought there was no point in paying for a little spray bottle with herbal-y smelling water, until I found the Caudalie Beauty Exilir. This stuff is amazing. I tried it for the first time when my friend offered me a spritz, and I was instantly hooked. I ran out to get myself one of the tiny little one-ounce bottles, and I've been savoring it ever since.

ErinSpray1 (1).jpg

When I spray it on my face, I'm momentarily taken to an island where none of my stress matters and I never have to worry about anything ever again. I breathe in the moment of complete peace, and as I breathe out, it's gone. But I'm happy to have at least a few seconds of pure happiness.

ErinSpray2 (1).jpg

I have no idea what it is that makes this product so great. It has rosemary, mint, and rose in it, so I think it might really just be the smell that I love so much, but the fine mist over my face either before I do my makeup or in the middle of a long day just instantly refreshes me. I'm not sure about skin benefits, but with that lovely feeling it gives, I don't really mind — I'll use this regardless of if it has real benefits or not.


In the spirit of comeptition, though, I figured I should try a few more sprays out to see how they stand up to my favorite little glass bottle of "water."

Fig+Yarrow Complexion Water


This guy might be my favorite of my new face mists. It's a super-fine mist that I can spray on at any time; I prefer to use it after cleansing my face but before applying my moisturizer. It's hydrating and refreshing and it's replaced my toner since I ran out of it.

I think I particularly like the label that describes this mist as "a constructively indulgent and intoxicatingly aromatic hydrating/toning blend for face, hair and body." I mean, who wouldn't want to use something so fancy? And in reality, the description got it right. It is hydrating and toning and it's indulgent (I mean, it's $42) and it's intoxicating. I love the way it smells. 

ErinSpray5 (1).jpg

So I've got to say, this one worked for me. I like it on my bare skin, but I could definitely use it throughout the day too for a little pick-me-up.

Captain Blankenship Aloe & Rose Toner


This one was the most surprising of the group, mostly because the spray was a little startling. The bottle says you'll need to pat it into your skin, and that's definitely true since it's not a fine mist. It's more like a quick stream that comes out. 

Because it's not as gentle as my other sprays, I definitely couldn't use it throughout the day over my makeup, but it does make for a nice toner before applying the rest of my skincare. I like that is has witch hazel in it because I can actually feel it clarifying my skin while I pat it in.

ErinSpray7 (1).jpg

At first, the smell of lemongrass wasn't my favorite but as I've used it more and more, it's grown on me. I don't think I'd be able to use this every day since my skin is pretty clear now, but I can definitely see myself using it when my skin starts getting oily and I get blemishes because I can feel the effects of the toner right away.

Rootfoot Rose Water


This smells just like my grandmother's bathroom. She has rose-scented soap and lotion, and when I was growing up I always used too much, so this spray brings me back. It's totally organic which I love and comes out in a fine mist. It's also probably the most versatile of these products.

I can spray it on after I cleanse my face and I can use it throughout the day for a little extra moisture to refresh my makeup. I've also been having some trouble with my hair since I need to get it cut, so it's been a little unruly. I use this in my hair to smooth everything out since I've been getting these awful cowlicks on the back of my head. I just spritz some in and comb my hair down so my hair is as good as new. This spray is definitely the cheapest, but it's the one I can do the most with.

ErinSpray9 (1).jpg

All in all, I still think facial mists are a little extravagant, but they're a luxury I'm willing to keep trying out because they're just so refreshing and they smell awesome. I still love my Cauadalie Beauty Exilir, but I'm glad I've got some new sprays to play with so I can mix things up.

  • Do you use face mists? What's your favorite? 
  • Where in your routine do you use them?