I'm Going To Convince You To Spend $22 On Deodorant

In addition to smelling way more sophisticated than the Coconut Shimmer Berry Kisses Dream Song stuff from the drugstore, it never ceases to work.
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In addition to smelling way more sophisticated than the Coconut Shimmer Berry Kisses Dream Song stuff from the drugstore, it never ceases to work.

Deodorant isn’t the most glam product in the world, but chances are it’s one you use every day. If you don’t, that’s cool, too; are you my brother? I keep telling him that someone who does a lot of hard labor should probably wear deodorant that works, but he doesn’t listen. 

Since, well, puberty, I’ve probably tried every mainstream antiperspirant marketed to women (and a few to men): Teen Spirit, Secret, Dove, my ex-boyfriend’s Arrid, Old Spice… all of them are fine, but I never felt like any of them quite worked. The baby-soft scents, the chalky textures or the slimy gels never captured my heart.

I don’t use antiperspirant to stop sweating because my armpits actually don’t sweat. I wrote about my hyperhidrosis surgery on xoJane last summer; I had surgery to stop my hands from sweating uncontrollably, but it also affected my armpits. I still sweat normally in other places.

But I do use deodorant every day because I’m not a magical scentless unicorn and, unlike my brother, I don’t prefer the natural aromas of B.O. tempered by lavender essential oil. And I’ve finally found the Greatest Deodorant in the World, the Celine Dion of deodorants. 

And it’s made by Donna Karan.


I wear Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist Deodorant/Antiperpirant. Cashmere Mist is a perfume my mother wears--a perfume I actually kind of loathe. (Sorry, Mom.) In perfume form, it’s powdery, a bit one-dimensional and sharp to my nose. In deodorant form, though it’s perfection! 

The official notes are lily of the valley, sandalwood, bergamot, suede, amber, vanilla, musk. That’s a hell of a lot sexier than the Coconut Shimmer Berry Kisses Dream Song stuff you can get at the drugstore.

It never competes with the perfume I’m wearing, preferring to stay safe and sound in my armpits. (Armpits is such an unladylike word, but whatever, let’s roll with it.) I can’t vouch to its antiperspirant qualities, so I asked my friend Britt, who I’ve recently converted to the Church of Cashmere Mist. 

She says, “It smells incredible, and I get zero wet marks on the shirts I have to wear every day, which is extremely important.”

You know how you find a deodorant you like and it works great for awhile, then suddenly just stops? I always had this problem pre-Cashmere Mist. I’d wear a Dove scent for a few weeks and then one day, the scent would turn sour to my nose and I could smell myself. Since I started using Cashmere Mist over two years ago, this has yet to happen.

At $22 for a 1.7-ounce stick, it’s not cheap. However, I’ve been using mine for a little over a year and there’s still plenty left with no flaking or drying out in sight. Sephora occasionally sells the travel size, and I carry one around in my purse in case of impromptu sleepovers. Or for the gym… yeah, that's it… the gym.

Cashmere Mist deodorant has become a cult product in its own right; it has five-star reviews across the board. Reviewers praise its sweat-killing properties and subtle scent and claim they’ll never go back to the drugstore, and at this point, neither will I. 

And this reminds me: I’m not wearing deodorant right now. WHOOPS.