This $15 Cleanser Is Saving My Stressed-Out Skin

And it lasts forever and ever because you need to use just a little bit at a time!
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And it lasts forever and ever because you need to use just a little bit at a time!

Remember when genius xoVain contributors were writing in-depth, detailed articles about their skincare regimens? It was so neat! I love reading about other people’s routines.

But, trust, no one wants to read about my skincare habits.

Because here’s what my advice would be: go back in time and be born by my parents.

I inherited lots of crappy things, like an addictive personality and crippling depression, but the universe threw me a bone in the skin department.

Are you throwing tomatoes at your screen yet? I told you no one would want to read about my skin. I’m lucky. I’m a star. But I do cry, cry, cry in my lonely heart.

In college I took crap care of my skin. I drank heavily all the time, never washed my face, slept one to two hours a night, and lived off tacos, Diet Coke and Adderall. And I got one zit the whole time I was in school, and it was after a night I spent a night in jail, so it wasn’t a huge deal to me at the time. 

That’s probably, like, week old mascara. Blegh.

That’s probably, like, week old mascara. Blegh.

But a couple of months ago, I started having skin issues I’d never experienced before. My full-time job is very demanding, and I’ve been more stressed than I ever remember being. Since late summer, I’ve been basically crying myself to sleep, like, most nights. Baby’s first breakouts!

I’m not trying to be a weepy baby on the internet, but I’ve been crazy-depressed lately in ways I’m ill-equipped to handle, and my skin freaking out on top of that made me feel even less competent, and what I’m saying is, UGH, LIFE.

So I’ve been experimenting. (Not in the fun way. Those were good times though, ladies.) I’ve been trying to figure out what my skin needs from me in these, my months of need.

There’s something about my depression/anxiety/stress that has been causing my skin to get REALLY sensitive. I’m getting real sick of my its shenanigans.

And, Y’ALL! I found something awesome! It has an official name, but I’ve been referring to it as The Best Makeup Remover and Cleanser in the Whole World Forever and Ever Amen. Its actual name, though, is The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. Which is also a good name, but mine is a bit catchier, don’t you think? 

Chamomile party up in here! Oh, and a tea towel of Bristol! Cheerio! Jolly good!

Chamomile party up in here! Oh, and a tea towel of Bristol! Cheerio! Jolly good! Photography shot with the Canon SL1.

Anyway, makeup removal is SO FUN! I never knew! Why don’t they teach you that in school? Do they? I got terrible grades. 

Last January, I told my BF my resolution was gonna be to get really serious about face-washing this year. And ya know what he did? He secretly ordered me a BULK supply of the makeup remover face wipes I like! I was in face wipe heaven.

And then somehow, I ran out. Again: ugh, life. 

I decided I wanted something a bit more cleansing than a face wipe this time. But with my skin being a sensitive little freaking sally, I needed something I could trust not to make things worse.

Well, one day, I was perusing the mall with all the other cool teens when I wandered into The Body Shop. I was swatching some of their new lipsticks on my hand (which, btw, are awesome! Have you seen them? This post is in no way sponsored. I just discovered The Body Shop and I’m obsessed, sorry) when I mentioned to the saleswoman my predicament.

And then she just grabbed this tin of chamomile magic and took a tiny, eyelash-sized amount on her index finger, and MELTED away all the lipsticks on my hand. Then she used a tissue to wipe it away, and she was like, “Feel it.” And it was so soft. SO SOFT.

“GIVE ME ALL THE CHAMOMILE YOU’VE GOT!” I declared, adjusting my monocle maniacally.

So I took home a tin that day, and I’ve been using it every night since. And oh boy, this stuff is worth its weight in gold, which actually isn’t much because it isn’t heavy. But it is great! 

I love you, chamomile butter.

I love you, chamomile butter.

This stuff is everything it claims to be. First of all, chamomile. It has the lightest fragrance. I don’t do scents, and this is light enough not to irk me. In fact, it’s soothing. And I live in Mississippi, so I love anything with the word “butter” involved. (Unless, of course, that thing is anything claiming to be a butter replacement.) And it is so sumptuous, soft and luxurious.

To start, you need a very, very small amount each time you use it. A little goes an extremely long way. 

You can tell I love this stuff because, as you can see, I’ve actually used a LOT of it.

You can tell I love this stuff because, as you can see, I’ve actually used a LOT of it.

Work a teensy bit into your fingers. Think about nickels or pistachios. 



Then just smear it all over your face. It’s amazing how it really does just melt the makeup off so effortlessly. I’ve been rehabbing my face after a week of beating the hell out of it in the sake of Halloween, so all I was wearing today was eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. But those are the things I have the hardest time getting off since I wear lip stains and waterproof mascara because I spend most of my time sneezing or eating.

Oh, and this stuff doesn’t sting my eyes at all. That’s very important to me. I have ridiculously sensitive eyes, and I’m also very paranoid and I don’t like to not be able to open my eyes and see clearly for even one moment. While using this product, I can open my eyes and see what I’m doing, and see if a murderer is sneaking up behind me! 


After the makeup’s all over my face and hands, I splash some lukewarm water on my face like a girl in a commercial. I use my hands and water to get most of the makeup off. Then I use a warm muslin cloth to gently wipe the rest away.


Afterwards, my skin feels so soft and moisturized. I’ve even stopped using moisturizer afterwards about half the time, because it feels unnecessary.

I will say, though, if you have very oily or acne-prone skin, maybe this won’t work as your only cleanser. You could follow up with another cleanser, to make sure and remove any residue. It does an amazing job with makeup removal, though, and I highly recommend it as part of your routine. 

So happy and nakie faced.

So happy and nakie faced.

This cleanser only costs $15, but The Body Shop runs really great sales often. I bought it during a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal on everything in the store.

While my life is still just as stressful, my skin situation is finally under control after a few months of breakouts, freakouts and feeling generally down and out. Big ups to this chamomile butter.

If anybody has some other tips for soothing stressed, suddenly sensitive skin, I’d love to hear them! So far I’m all about this chamomile business and a lot of red wine. And let me know if you try this stuff. Also, let me know if you wanna hear more about my genetics! I’d LOVE to talk about me with you.