The 99-Cent Cream Everyone Can Find At Least One Use For

The most affordable multitasking beauty product ever? I think so.
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The most affordable multitasking beauty product ever? I think so.

Nivea Creme is a moisturizer I will forever be in love with. The thick texture, the fresh smell, the adorable tiny blue tins they sell at the pharmacy for a 99 cents. Not even a dollar! I can buy one for home, purse, and office! 

I think I got really into Nivea Creme when I heard Marilyn Monroe liked it. I was like, “Cool, this is a cheap product that will make me feel like Marilyn Monroe.” And it totally does. 

That's Marilyn in the middle.

That's Marilyn in the middle.

The little blue tin is timeless, and the stuff inside is so great for chapped skin, in the winter especially. Ever since the temperature dropped, I’ve been using Nivea Creme for my various moisturizing needs.

On chapped, cracked hands, Nivea stays on through a couple hand-washings, which is great because I wash my hands constantly. It’s really weird if you try to put it on wet hands; it works best when you apply it to dry hands, rub it in, and let it absorb (otherwise my pens slide out of my hands). 

It’s definitely a heavy moisturizer, but sometimes you need just that to prevent your hands from cracking. I love to put a ton of it on, not rub it in, and sleep with socks for the softest feet ever. 

I think this is pretty obvious by now, but it’s great anywhere you have dry skin: elbows, knees, ankles, etc. When I use Nivea more often, I notice I reach for my prescription eczema cream way less.

I also like to use Nivea Creme as a moisturizer around the nose and mouth, where I get especially dry in the winter and when I’m sick and blowing my nose constantly. The cream is bright white, but rubs in clear. I need to have a tin on me for work, because my nose gets chapped every day, and a regular moisturizer isn’t enough to keep it from getting all flaky and gross as the day progresses.

Adorable and portable.

Adorable and portable.

Nivea Creme is also a gentle makeup remover. If any of you have used cold cream, it works just like that. You just cover your face with a heavy layer, and wipe it off to remove makeup gently. It will take a while to wipe it all off, but it will leave your skin clean and moisturized.

You can also use Nivea Creme as a deep moisture mask. On severely dried-out skin, apply a thick layer where you would traditionally apply a mask and leave it for around 20 minutes before wiping it off to reveal moisturized, plumped up skin. During harsh winters, I do this often to make my wind-burned face feel better. 

You can use it really liberally and decadently everywhere without breaking the bank, and you get to feel like Marilyn Monroe in the process. What more could you possibly ask from a 99-cent tin of cream?