Pizza Hut Made Its Own Nail Polishes, And They're Extra Cheesy

Plus, a bikini waxer's worst clients, early word on a possible tattoo removal cream, and "rich girl hair."
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Plus, a bikini waxer's worst clients, early word on a possible tattoo removal cream, and "rich girl hair."

Pizza Hut Nail Polishes Exist, But You Can't Have Them  

pizza hut nail polish

My favorite is Meat Me After Midnight, a lovely ham shade of pink. (Photo: Pizza Hut Australia)

Pizza Hut Australia created a range of nail polish to be given, exclusively, to the winners of its Valentine's Day poetry contest. This isn't the first time the Hut has dabbled in beauty: In 2013 it created an "eau de Pizza Hut" perfume. You can't buy the polishes (or the defunct perfume), but maybe keep an eye on eBay? [BuzzFeed]

"Rich Girl Hair" Is All About The One Second Curl, Apparently

how to get loose waves

The $$$$$ look. (Photo: Clint Spaulding via)

A writer for New York's The Cut has dubbed the long, slightly bent waves at New York Fashion Week as "the new rich girl hair." According to Bumble and bumble hairstylist Anthony Turner, the trick is to release the curling iron after a single Mississippi second.  [The Cut

Thanks, Science: Tattoo Removal Cream Could Be A Reality 

marriage tattoo

Or (maybe): Till death do us moisturize. (Photo: Deviant/Shutterstock) 

A tattoo removal cream that targets and replaces ink-filled cells is currently being tested by a pathology researcher at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. The best part? If it makes it to consumers, it'll be pretty cheap, compared to laser removal. [The Independent]

Sharing Your Lip Balm Is No Longer Gross...

double sided lip balm

Lip balm that's made for sharing. (Photo: YouBeauty) 

...because someone went and created a lip balm with a "friend end." I guess you just have to be monogamous about which friend you share the friend end with. [YouBeauty]

Bikini Waxer On That Time She Accidentally Ripped Out A Woman's Tampon 

the scream edvard munch

This is how I felt when I read this story. (Photo: The Scream, Edvard Munch)

A bikini waxer divulged all of her on-the-job horror stories to Refinery 29's Phillip Picardi. And friends, it is a must-read. Think clients who asked to inspect and keep the used wax strips, clients who got "turned on" during the service, clients whose tampons were accidentally ripped out, and more (if you can believe it). [Refinery29]