Beauty Roundup: Adhesive Eyeliner, Microchip Birth Control, and MAC x Simpsons Early Access

Because we love you, we're rounding up the best beauty links from around the Internet to keep you informed on all things beautiful.
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Because we love you, we're rounding up the best beauty links from around the Internet to keep you informed on all things beautiful.

• Thanks to the Dior haute couture show, I’m counting down the days until I can get my hands on this silver adhesive eyeliner (out around the holidays). I mean, if I ever wanted to bring out my inner Zenon, what better way to do so than with tiny silver strips sparkling from my eyelids? []

•  Round, square, oval, squoval--apparently, you can determine someone's personality type based on their nail shape. For example, Anne-Marie (square-ish) is "serious and hard-headed" and "most likely a man." [Editor's Note: Only one of those things is true. HA.] [The Fashion Spot]

• Hold the phone! You mean to tell me the weather could determine our natural hair color? According to these folks, global warming might signal the end of all redheads. Take cover, my friends! [Glamour]

• If you plan to attend Comic Con in San Diego on July 26th, you’ll be the first to get your paws on the MAC x Simpsons collection--it's being released there for one day only! If you’re salty you’re not going to be able to get your hands on it until September 4th, like myself and the rest of the world, WWD has a sneak peek of what’s to come. Spoiler alert: You can buy fluttery lashes like Marge's.  [WWD]

• Just when we thought the perfect mascara was all about the brush, now we're learning it's also about the wand. Lancôme is set to launch Grandiôse, which has a swan-neck wand that claims to ensure the perfect application in just one stroke, and this ish bets to work. [Editor's note: We'll be reviewing it soon--it launches in August.[InStyle]

• When it comes to food and the expiration dates on its packaging, I do not play. I’ll be damned if I get salmonella or E. Coli because I let my spinach sit in the fridge a day too long. If you don’t already know what’s old and what’s not, here’s a guide that tells when you should be throwing things away. Helpful hint: When stuff starts turning colors, smelling scary, or growing coats, it’s time to let it go, baby girl. [YouBeauty]

• I don’t follow the WNBA, but I do know Tulsa Shock point guard Skylar Diggins is a real beauty! Now we all can see how she stays fine when she’s off the court. [NYTimes]

• Looks like you’ll be able to remotely control your birth control come 2015. Nothing about this sounds safe or reasonable, but hey, I guess it’s good to know that a microchip could protect you from unplanned pregnancy for up to 16 years? But is it worth it if your birth control could potentially get hacked. Yes, hacked. #WhoHasTheTime? [Refinery29]

• PSA: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow online and in-store, for those who are Rewards members. Don’t have a Nordstrom card? It’s cool, you can still get in on the action beginning on the 18th--there'll still be a lot of beauty goodies up for grabs including products from Clarisonic, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Clinique.