The 8 Best Beauty Moments From HBO's 'GIRLS'

Who's excited for the season 4 premiere?! Me! Me!
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Who's excited for the season 4 premiere?! Me! Me!

Though the characters have the potential to be grating--especially when handling them in large quantities à la a binge fest--I have to admit that I'm a sucker for the TV show GIRLS.

I'm all about the interwoven story lines and the complicated relationships among lovers, siblings, and BFFs. And I am particularly fond of the "plow through life even though I don't know WTF I'm doing" attitude of each character. What woman in her 20s, 30s, heck, even 40s, can't relate? I certainly do.

Another favorite aspect of the show is its unconventional beauty moments, of course. To celebrate the upcoming premiere of Lena Dunham's fourth season of GIRLS, which debuts January 11th, I've compiled eight favorite beauty moments from the first three seasons. 

1. Shoshanna's Hair… I Mean, Duh

girls shoshanna hair

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Shosh always has her hair twisted into some funky 'do, but this particular look has to be one of my all-time favorites (yes, even more than her signature voluminous, off-kilter bun). I love that pomp! And can we talk about the bare face, big brows and pouty pink lip?

2. Hannah's Self-Administered Haircut

girls hannah haircut

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That time when Hannah cut her own hair off: "I didn't mean to cut that piece." Both heart-wrenching and hilarious. I've never been completely driven to cutting my own hair off, but dang if I haven't thought about just going for the scissors, sometimes.

3. Jessa's Top Knot And Vampy Lip

girls jessa topknot

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Sigh. Jessa's effortless beauty kind of makes me want to vomit with envy. This carefree top bun, a go-to of hers, and that dark red lip paired with her boho ensemble is just perfection.

4. Jessa's Wedding Look

girls jessa wedding

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Another Jessa moment! This last-minute wedding may not have been the best idea she ever had, but I think we can all agree that her head-to-toe look is hippie perfection.

5. Hannah's Goth Moment

girls hannah goth look

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That gothy lip and wild hair. And scissor earrings? Yes, please. I love when she asks Charlie how she looks and he responds with, "You look like you're about to put a hex on some popular girls." Too good.

6. Adam's Inner Beauty (He's Handsome, Too)

girls adam broken leg

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Such glamour in this image of Adam, who has quickly become one of my favorite characters on the show. I consider Adam a beautiful soul--unafraid to be himself, no matter how strange that self is. And I love how in love he is with Hannah.

girls adam character

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One of my favorite lines is when he says, "If you died, the world would blur. I wouldn't know what a tree was." *tear*

7. Marnie's "What I Am" Video

girls marni video

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She was so, so embarrassed about this video, but that's what made it so good. Our otherwise prim-and-perfect Marnie can be seen strutting in a grungy stairwell with feathery hair and an overdone smoky eye. I love this beauty moment because it's so much the opposite of what we usually see of her.

8. Another Shosh 'Do

girls shoshanna hair

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Really, this whole look is just so perfect and pretty. There's the gradient pink lip, the softly lined blue eyes, perfect skin, and, of course, that hair. I'd wear that hair. I'm going to wear that hair tomorrow, actually.

  • Did I miss any GIRLS beauty moments that you would include? Please, oh please, share your favorites. 
  • Would you dare to wear your hair like Shoshanna? Cut off all your hair like Hannah?
  • Can we have a GIRLS GIF party in the comment section?