Whoville-Inspired Wreath Nail Art, Because Christmas Manicures Don't Have To Be Red And Green

You CAN use a red and green if you're more into that classic look, but me being me and all, I came up with a pastel-sparkle spin on the idea.
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You CAN use a red and green if you're more into that classic look, but me being me and all, I came up with a pastel-sparkle spin on the idea.

I warned you guys I'm totally and completely Christmas obsessed, right? Christmas only comes around once a year, and I plan to deck myself (and all of you) in Christmas-themed beauty looks.

So on that note, what do you think best represents that warm, winter coming-together-for-the-holidays feeling? Some might say the tree, others the fresh-baked cookies and eggnog, but I'm going to go with the wreath. I mean, it's practically a like putting a sign on your door that says "Christmas cheer lives here." 

This year, I'm particularly into extra-pretty wreath DIY ideas on Pinterest, like the Pom Pom wreath spin, or the tinsel wreath with a bow look. Sadly, I'm heading home for the holidays, so it just doesn't make sense for me to go too overboard decorating this year. It does, however, make perfect sense to decorate my nails.

The cat in the hat productions and MGM television, 1966

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (MGM, 1966)

This tutorial does not have to be Whoville inspired in any capacity. You can totally use a red, white and green colour scheme if you're more into that classic look. Of course, me being me and all, I came up with a pastel-sparkle spin on my idea. Red and green are a bit iffy with all over pastel and pink hair, so around the holidays I usually end up with a lot of glitter and pink decorations and outfits instead. True, it's not really traditional Christmas, but it's totally on point with Whoville Christmas traditions from what I can see.

Whoville really seems like an ideal place for me to live (NOT the one in the live action movie--the original animated one). There is ample Christmas cheer, lots of love and coming together, and insane gifts everywhere on Christmas morning. I'd have to skip out on the roast beast, but I think they'd forgive me because my hair matches the colour scheme of their town so well. And because they love my pastel Whoville wreath nail art so much.


For tiny sparkle wreath nails like mine you'll need:

•Bright pink polish

•Mint polish

•Light purple polish

•White polish

•Glitter polish (very fine glitter)

•Light pink polish

•Top coat

•Nail art brush

Step 1.


Paint your nails nicely with mint, purple, and hot pink polish. You can obviously choose just one colour, but I like the combo, personally.

Step 2.


When you nails have fully dried, use your nail art brush and white polish and start painting little wreath circles in the centre of each nail. I tried to make mine sort of fuzzy and fluffy so they looked more like wreaths and less like white fruit loops.


Step 3.


Using the same nail art brush, paint over the white wreaths with sparkle polish. A chunky glitter would be hard to work with here, so I recommend a fine glitter polish for this one.

Step 4.


Use your nail art brush (or in my case, nail art pen) to paint little bows onto the bottom of each wreath (don't panic, it's just two triangles joined together). 

If you have enough space (I only did on my thumbs) add little ribbons coming out of the bottom of the bow!


Step 5.


Top-coat your nails to seal everything in. I got really Whoville-invested at this step and used a peppermint-scented top coat from Urban Outfitters so my nails even smell festive! But you can totally just use whatever top coat you have at home.


And you're done! What do you think? Are you ready to get together in a circle with me and sing Dahoo Dores?