Don't Have Nail Art Tools? You Can Do This Valentine's Day Manicure With A Toothpick!

Lips, hearts, and, of course, an XO.
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Lips, hearts, and, of course, an XO.

Let’s face it. Sometimes going to the nail salon to get your nails done-- ESPECIALLY on or around Valentine’s Day--can be a nightmare. Waiting for all those ladies (and gents, haaay) can be excruciating. 

We all have things to do, especially being that this year V-Day falls on a Friday. Dates are to be gone on. Dinner is to be eaten. Flowers are to be accepted. And for some of us, it's just another Friday, and Friday is “get your nails did day.” Can a girl is just live?! 

Whether you have a special someone to share this holiday with, are anti-Valentine’s and want to creatively show it, or just hate waiting for your favorite nail technician, here is a simple technique so you can show your nails some love.

I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat on a clean set of nails. A base coat is necessary to act as a barrier for your nails as well as a clean surface for application, extending the life of your manicure. It also helps darker polishes from staining your nails. (Doesn’t that suck when they do?!)

Next, I applied multiple nail colors for the purpose of this themed manicure. I don’t normally walk around with this many colors on each hand--or should I say, not this particular color palette--but for the sake of this story and time... yeah, she did that.

Let the polish fully dry before applying designs.

Let the polish fully dry before applying designs.

To be all Bob Ross, I used aluminum foil as my paint palette, utilizing this for the dollops of nail polish to be used to apply my pretty, pretty nail designs.



This first design is pretty effortless. We all can write (hopefully) so this should be an easy design to do on all your nails or maybe just one nail. This one is my favorite and I think I would choose one base color on all my nails (white) and have the “XO” on just one finger (red). 

Using the toothpick, I lightly drew the letters onto my nail in a stippling motion.


I chose to go over it once more for a darker finish.

Love you like XO

Love you like XO


Since I wanted this heart to be a \tiny statement on my finger, there was no need to draw it out or fill it in. I dipped the toothpick into the polish and using the tip of the toothpick, drew a “V” by dabbing the polish in said shape.


This polish was really thick, and I found that a second application wasn’t necessary.

Not all of us wear our heart on our sleeve.

Not all of us wear our heart on our sleeve.


Some of us will probably spend Valentine’s Day burning pictures of past lovers, watching Waiting to Exhale or rallying up all your single ladies for a night of dancing. For those of you who are scorned or just can't care less about Valentine’s Day, a broken heart may be the accent for you.

I started off by drawing an outline for one half of a heart, filling it in afterwards. Next, I drew the outline for the other half, filling it in as well, but didn’t attach the two halves. Using the tip of my toothpick, I carved detailed ridges on the insides of both pieces of the heart.

Everything you a box to the left. Boy, Bye.

Everything you a box to the left. Boy, Bye.


This was done following the same steps for making a heart as instructed above. The only extra step of this was drawing a squiggly “string” right underneath the heart. 

So high right now.

So high right now.


For the upper lip, I drew an “m” but not with a high arch. It should look elongated and stretched out. For the lower lip, first place a small dot in the center underneath the upper lip, then drag the polish to each side, making a curve.

Come on boo, gimme kiss.

Come on boo, gimme kiss.

Once done, don’t forget to seal all your nails with a top coat, which will make your nails shine and prevent any chipping. Also, for any excess polish around your nail bed or on your skin, dip a Q-Tip into acetone nail polish remover to clean it up.


Let me know if you try little toothpick designs for Valentine's Day!