LOTW: Use Regular Tape As A Stencil For These Black Widow Nails

Yep, plain old office tape will do.
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Yep, plain old office tape will do.

Look of the Week Thursday is fast becoming my favorite day of the week (second only to Dancing With the Stars Monday). I get to share the looks I’m playing with, and I have all of your lovely faces in return to inspire me for the weeks to come! Here are my favorite selfies from last week's thread.

I’ve mentioned before that I am generally no good at nail art. But between Maricar and Christina, I had to get on the Halloween mani train. 

Here's what you need for my super-simple black widow manicure:

deborah lippmann nail polish

Base coat, red polish (I got this Deborah Lippmann Creme Nail Lacquer in the shade My Old Flame on sale for $9!), black polish, top coat, tape, nail clippers or scissors, and a thin paint brush (or nail art brush).

  • Start by applying a base coat and letting it dry completely. 
  • Once that’s done, use the red polish to paint all of your nails except for the ring fingers; you will use the black polish to paint those. 

I used two thin coats of each color. 

nails painted red

Black Widow manicure base color. 

  • Now take some pieces of tape and cut them in half with your nail clippers or scissors (horizontally) to create narrower strips. 
  • Take the strips and lay them down on your accent nail, creating an hourglass-shaped void in the center; this acts as a stencil. 
nail art stencil

You can adjust it to be straighter; this is just an example of how your tape will look.

  • Paint over the hourglass shape with the red polish you used on your other nails; you will need 2-3 coats to get it to full opacity. 
  • Once dry (I waited 45 minutes), carefully remove the tape and add your top coat. 
  • Use a nail art brush dipped in remover to clean along the edges and tidy up.  
halloween nail art

I’m a black widow, baby.

  • Anyone else feeling the Halloween mani vibe? 
  • Do you like simple nail art, or full-on elaborate masterpieces?

It’s your turn to take over the comments section with your pictures: show us your current LOTW, be it a new ‘do, a fresh mani, or your lovely face. You can also tag me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Don’t forget to also tag @xovain and #xolotw.