Mismatched Manicures: 3 Cute Ways To Wear Your Indecisiveness

Why wear just one nail polish color? Or just two, for that matter?
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Why wear just one nail polish color? Or just two, for that matter?

For a long time, I hardly ever painted my nails. I’ve never been very good at it--I’m impatient, and I get polish everywhere)--and when I came out as a lesbian six years ago, I decided it conflicted with my new status and gave it up altogether. Over a span of almost three years, I probably painted my nails a total of five times, maybe less.

The thing is, I never really realized how much I missed it until I started up again in a sudden reclaiming of my femme identity.

Even though I really suck at it, I love painting my nails. I love matching my nails to my outfits, trying nail art, layering glitter polishes so many times that I worry I’ll never get all the glitter off… I love it all.

Over the past couple years, my nail polish collection has probably quadrupled in size. I find it a little overwhelming. Every time I pick just one colour, I find myself taking it off and painting on a new one the very next day. I just can’t make up my mind, and with all the pretty new spring pastels popping up, my decision-making process is getting even harder.

The other day, I was anxiously staring at all my polishes trying to make a call on which one to try next, and it hit me: why do we have to stick to only one nail polish colour anyway? Call me silly, but I sort of love the look of a hand covered in all different polishes, especially if the colours are themed in some way.

So, in the spirit of indecisiveness, here are some colour combos inspired by some of my favourite things right this moment.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I saw this new Wes Anderson film as soon as it came out, and I wasn’t disappointed. Filled with handsome fellows, sweet treats, pastel hotel rooms, and a whole lot of whimsy, this movie was everything I had hoped for and more. 


Though there were so many inspiring, powdery scenes throughout the film, I pulled colours from the amazing pink-heavy poster, above, for this nail look.

I used Deborah Lippmann’s Blue Orchid to match the windows and snowy roof, and Butter London’s Lushington for a touch of gold glamour. For the pinks, I went with Deborah Lippmann’s Break 4 Love and Butter London’s Teddy Girl, a combo I think matches the two-toned hotel almost perfectly.


Dark Magic

I’m always into the idea of magic, but lately I find myself intrigued by the dark side, where the white fairy glitter turns to dark swirling potions and bright red candy apples are laced with poison. Maybe I’ve just watched the Maleficent trailer too many times.


For this nail colour combo, I knew I need some sparkle, some hologram, and some darkness. I dug out two of my favourite Super Black holos, Wishful Thinking and Heather, and one the best hologram sparkles I know of, Butter London’s Fairy Cake.


I also used a little bit of Butter London’s Muggins, and created my personal favourite firework nail with OPI’s Black Onyx and a top coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in In the Spotlight. 

Spring Flowers

I know, I know: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” But whatever, it’s April, and here in Toronto at least, the only sign of pretty petals I’ve seen so far is the flowers in florists’ windows.


For this look, I went full-on creamy pastel. Deborah Lippmann’s new Spring Reverie collection was a huge influence on this, so I used three colours from the collection: Build Me Up Buttercup, Tip Toe Through The Tulips, and Flowers in Her Hair. I couldn’t leave out sweet peony pink, so I also added Deborah Lippmann’s Shape of my Heart, and a touch of sparkly spring dew using Butter London’s Frilly Knickers.

Do you ever wear more than two nail colors at once? What combos do you like?