Make Your Own Custom Nail Wraps

Got a toothpick, plastic wrap, and some nail polish? LET'S DO THIS.
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Got a toothpick, plastic wrap, and some nail polish? LET'S DO THIS.

I have mixed feelings about nail art. Sometimes, I’m all, You can make polkadots with toothpicks? This will change EVERYTHING! Other times I'm more like, Pass me the acetone because these galaxy nails make me look like I was involved in an oil spill clean up. 

These DIY nail wraps aren’t foolproof, but they are a pretty interesting way to level up your nail art game. All you need is nail polish, plastic wrap, and a toothpick.

STEP 1: Put your nail underneath the plastic wrap so you can see how big the nail wrap should be. 

fingernail nailpolish

STEP 2: Now paint your nail on top of the plastic wrap, as seen above. I’m doing a marble pattern, so I put a big glob of pink in the middle.

nail polish

Globular goodness

STEP 3: While the polish is still wet, use a toothpick to swirl the pink into the peach.

nail swirl polish art

Toothpicks changing my life again.

STEP 4: Add as many colors as you like. I used peach, pink, and orange. 

swirl nail art polish

STEP 5: After your wraps are complete, set them aside to dry for a couple of hours.

My set of nail wraps.

My set of nail wraps.

STEP 6: Paint your nails a base color. It doesn’t have to be perfect--the nail wraps will be going over them.

pink nails

STEP 7: Carefully remove each wrap from the plastic wrap with a toothpick. They should slide off pretty easily. While your nails are still wet, place the wrap on top and press down.

nail file wrap art

Filing down my nail wrap.

Clean it up with a file like you would do with a regular nail wrap. Then brush on a top coat and you’re good to go! You can touch up gaps with more nail polish.

orange nail polish swirls art
  • Have you tried DIY nail wraps?
  • What's the best non-DIY nail wrap brand you've tried? 
  • What would your dream wraps look like?