Sexy Surrealist Nail Art To Put All Other Nail Art To Shame

I’m obsessed with Delfina Delettrez’s acid-trippy jewelry designs, so I gave myself an equally weird hand job.
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I’m obsessed with Delfina Delettrez’s acid-trippy jewelry designs, so I gave myself an equally weird hand job.

While I don’t wear it much, I have experimented in making jewelry, and always felt so limited with buying whatever stones and fixtures the beading supply store ordered that month. I eventually resorted to making my own charms and bangles (and pipes) out of clay and then gave up because clay jewelry blows.

I had big visions of custom chains and hinges and resin—designs that would require knowledge in metalsmithing and that would require **ugh** more schooool.

So I’m super glad somebody else is executing the unique and beautifully surreal jewelry of my dreams, an apple from the Fendi family tree, no less: Delfina Delettrez. 

deletrez jewelry

She also does insects.

I took inspiration from a few of her pieces to create my latest nail job, and have never been more pleased with my manicuring abilities.

finished hand.jpg

Step 1


Clean up your cuticles and file nails into smooth, rounded tips.

Step 2

step 2.jpg

Use a nail clipper to snip tiny triangular notches into the tips of a couple of nails.

Step 3

step 3.jpg

File the sharp corners, middle, and sides into your desired smoothed shape. I used a small orange stick with emery tip that I found at the beauty supply to get between the notches. 

Step 4


Paint little black half-moon slivers to mirror the rounded tips for the bottom line of the eyes.

Step 5


Add white polish above the black half moons for the whites of the eyes.

Step 6

step 6.jpg

Paint a large dot at the center of the eyes for the iris outline, and color in the lips.

Step 7


Color in the iris with a smaller dot in a lighter shade.

Step 8

step 8.jpg

Use a black striper and dotter polish like Color Club’s Duo Pen to dot in the pupils and separate the lips. I can’t recommend the Duo Pens enough for this kind of detail work.

Step 9

lash steps.jpg

Take a strip of false lashes and cut to the width of your nail tip.

Step 10

step 11.jpg

Paint the edge of the strip with some lash glue or clear polish and use an orange stick to push underneath the nail to the quick. Trim the excess length so about an 1/8 inch of lashes are sticking out above the nail. 

Step 11

Admire your work. (Gold paint optional.)    

lash detail copy.jpg
lips detail.jpg
thumb detail.jpg

You like?