Spooky-Fun Halloween Nail Art That You Can Actually Do

All you need is black and white nail polish and a dotting tool.
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All you need is black and white nail polish and a dotting tool.

Halloween! The greatest time of the year! My favorite part of Halloween is the whimsy. While I love a crazy-scary, supernatural horror movie, not one Halloween passes by without a viewing of Hocus Pocus, the greatest movie of all time. 

It's spooky-wholesome fun, kind of like these nails, which are quite easy to do and need not be perfect or precise. All you need is black and white nail polish and a nail dotting tool (try the end of a bobby pin) or paintbrush of some sort.

To begin, eat a lot of candy. Then paint your base coat, starting with black on your thumb and then alternating between white and black.  

black and white painted nails

Now write, "BOO!" on your thumb. 

boo halloween nail art

Using black nail polish, draw a silhouette of a cat’s head on the tip of your index nail.

cat halloween nail art

Dot on white eyes with little black lines.

cat halloween nail art

Call me Thackery Binx.

Your middle nail gets a skeleton. Using white nail polish, draw the base of the skull. 

skull halloween nail art

With black polish, dot eye sockets, a nose, and lines where teeth would be.

skull halloween nail art

Maybe he even sings.

On your ring finger, create a web by drawing black lines going outward from one corner. 

spider web halloween nail art

Now join them together. I recommend dotting on the smaller lines for an even application. 

spider web halloween nail art

Last, use white nail polish to make a simple ghost on your pinky...

ghost halloween nail art

...and add black dots for the ghost's eyes and mouth. 

ghost halloween nail art

Wait 300 years, or until a virgin lights the black flame candle, for your nails to dry and seal the look with a shiny top coat.

halloween nail art


halloween nail art
  • Do you love Hocus Pocus as much as I do? How many times have you seen it? 
  • Are you already planning your Halloween nail art? 
  • Do you have, like, an entire Pinterest board dedicated to spooky nails?
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