You Didn't Think I WOULDN'T Do Easter Egg Nail Art, Did You?

I'll take any excuse to wear a cute pastel manicure.
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I'll take any excuse to wear a cute pastel manicure.

Ah yes, it’s already time for another holiday. I love Christmas the most, and Valentine’s Day and New Year’s both have their perks, but Easter holds a special place in my heart. Fluffy bunnies, truckloads of chocolate, and so much pastel everywhere! It’s the only time of year when I know I can go to any store and find enough washed out colours and cute little ornaments to instantly clean out my savings.

I’ve been working on my nail-painting skills, and while I’m still not even close to expert level, I have become an expert at finding nail art that’s easy enough for me to do.

Cute and simple, the Easter egg nail makes so much sense it’s almost crazy that I haven’t done it until now. All you need is a white nail art pen (or multiple colours of your choosing), a pastel nail colour or two, and a top coat.


First off, paint your nails. You can do them all one colour, or try a mix. I wanted to keep things chic and minimal, so I went with American Apparel’s Office, a milky mint.


Once your nails are completely dry, it’s time to add the details with your nail art pen (or polish and tiny brush). I used a white pen and a pink pen, both Sally Hansen, and got to decorating.

With a steady hand, make some simple little Easter egg details on each nail, like zig-zags, polka dots and squiggly lines.


Finally, when everything is dry, seal in the art with a topcoat, and you’re done!


Will you be doing Easter-inspired nails this weekend? Perhaps just a pastel color?