DIY Nail Masks: Because There's Already A Mask For Every Other Body Part

Simple solutions for the three most common nail problems, using only a handful of ingredients you have in your kitchen.
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Simple solutions for the three most common nail problems, using only a handful of ingredients you have in your kitchen.

I love masks. Putting a mask on my face, my hair and even my body makes me feel like I’m being pampered. 

The one mask I was always missing in my life, however, was one for my nails. After all, if your dead hair can receive such a treat, why can’t your dead nails? This kind of logical, innovative thinking not only ensures that I never run out of things to think about at 2AM, but also that I can dream up beautiful things, like nail masks.

There are a couple of things you may want to achieve when you use a nail mask. Like any other treatment, you want to look for the right ingredients to work on specific problems. The most common problems people have with their nails are weakness and peeling, yellowing or staining, and dry, brittle nails. I have a couple of solutions for these problems, using only simple ingredients you have in your kitchen.


With my affinity for dark nail polishes, I’ve seen my nails turn all sorts of yucky colours. Stained or yellowed nails are a common problem, but all you need is a simple fix:

·      1 tablespoon baking soda

·      a couple or squirts of lemon juice


The baking soda provides an exfoliating effect, while the lemon juice is a natural lightener. Mix your ingredients together (there will be a tiny science-project-like fizz when you first do so), rub the mixture on your nails (the lemon can be a bit drying, so try to keep this nail-only) and leave for about 10 minutes.


Rinse off with warm water and enjoy your sparkly new nails.


This photographic evidence may be a little bit underwhelming, but this really did work.


Because I peel my nail polish off almost every time I paint my nails, I know weak nails. My pointer nails would peel all the time, even though I would frequently clip the ends off to prevent it becoming worse. 

Here is a simple remedy for this problem:

·      1 egg yolk

·      1 teaspoon honey

·      1 tablespoon water

·      Optional: a few drops essential oil for a more pleasant smell

Egg yolk gives your nails strengthening protein, while the honey provides anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties. The water is just to help the mask spread more easily. 

Mix all your ingredients together, slather it on for about ten minutes and wash off with warm water. This mixture can go on your fingers and will protect your cuticles against bacteria.


Acetone often leaves nails and cuticles really dried out, with a brittle texture. Raid your kitchen cabinets for some moisture:

·      1 teaspoon olive oil

·      1 teaspoon honey


Olive oil provides super-moisture to your nails and cuticles. Combine the ingredients and massage the mixture onto your fingertips.


Wait at least ten minutes before washing it off. My nails and cuticles always feel amazing after this – even more so than when I use fancy schmancy cuticle oils.


Do you take as much care of your nails as you do your skin and hair? Let me know if you're going to mix these up.