Glitter Polish Inspired By Subway Tiles? Yes, Please!

Ciate takes glitter underground, but keeps it pretty.
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Ciate takes glitter underground, but keeps it pretty.

In case you haven't noticed, glitter is taking over the nail polish market. Not just micro-glitter bits mixed with color, but glittery top coats that stand on their own. 

"Chunky glitter" first got popular in the indie market, and now it's being coveted and collected in the mainstream beauty world, too.

ciate mosaic nail polishes

Ciate Mosaic Collection polishes. Chunky glitter party!

Ciate, a British brand I give major props to for package design, has recently released its Mosaic Collection, which was inspired by the numerous mosaics that decorate New York City subways. There are five colors in the line, and each one is chock-full of square glitter (matte and shiny) suspended in clear polish. It’s a party for your fingernails!

ciate mosaic nail polish in check mate

Ciate Mosaic Collection polish in Check Mate

Here's Ciate Mosaic nail polish in Check Mate, a nod to the color’s matte black-and-white glitter. This one has a really retro feel to it, which I dig.

ciate mosaic collection

Ciate Mosaic Collection polish in Mural Moment 

This one is super pretty, too. It's called Mural Moment and it has dark blue, light blue, and pale pink matte glitter. The pink pieces are smaller than the blues, which gives the mix a nice contrast.

ciate mosaic collection night on the tiles

Ciate Mosaic Collection polish in Night on the Tiles 

Night on the Tiles is my favorite. It has some cheery lime green matte glitter mixed with teal and dark blue matte glitter. There's also some metallic silver glitter for good measure.

Now for the real test: formula and application. Like most chunky glitter nail polishes, an even application requires a deft hand. I'm not saying you have to be a professional manicurist, but you can't just go all willy-nilly and paint like a wild woman.

I found that these apply best over completely dry nail polish. Another tip is to wait a few minutes between coats; this prevents glitter spread and ensures an even application. That's good procedure to follow for any chunky glitter polish, FYI.

As for lasting power, they do pretty well. Most glitter polishes have a tendency to chip and snag, but that can be fixed with a good top coat. I didn't have any problems with these, though.

ciate mosaic collection polish swatches

Halfsies, so you can see Ciate Mosaic polishes solo and on top of regular nail polish. 

Here are some swatches. I wanted to show you what it looked like with and without polish underneath, so I painted a neutral white on half of each nail. From the bottom up, we have Mural Moment, Check Mate, and Night on the Tiles. There are two coats of each polish.

I'm typically a fan of painting glitter polishes over another color. It's fun to mix and match and try to come up with a color scheme.

ciate mosaic nail polish manicure

Night on the Tiles over Polish & Co.'s Mint to Tell You

Here's Night on the Tiles over Polish & Co.'s Mint to Tell You. I tied it all together with a silver triangle on my accent nail. The silver glitters don't read very well on camera, but IRL they catch the light and glimmer in the prettiest of ways.

I'm definitely digging the entire collection. Isn't it funny how a manicure can change your outlook on your whole day--or your outfit? What’s your position on chunky glitter polishes? Love ‘em or hate ‘em?