Blizzard Nails: A Sparkly, Textured Way To Enjoy Winter Weather Without Freezing Your Butt Off

It's like a snow globe exploded on your fingertips. Except no glass shards.
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It's like a snow globe exploded on your fingertips. Except no glass shards.

I'm throwing myself head first down the winter wonderland rabbit hole. I love Christmas so much, it's sort of scary how full my heart becomes around this time of year. I'm like the Grinch, except my heart it already normal-sized, so it practically bursts out of my body when Christmas comes. It hurts in the best way possible.

To celebrate the season, I was determined to come up with a nail look so magical it put Frosty the Snowman's song and dance to shame. I wanted something that says, "It's a marshmallow world"; something that says, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." 

Though I'm not in any way a gifted nail painter, I knew there had to be some special way I could make my nails shine this season.

I decided to start experimenting with textured snow nails after Lime Crime founder Doe Deer posted a video on Instagram of her DIY glitter nails using loose glitter. But I wouldn't settle for a simple textured glitter layer, oh no. I wanted a full blown snowstorm on my nails.


You'll need:

•Top coat

•White nail polish

•Decorative fake snow flakes (the plasticky kind, not the fluff! Bonus points if you find an iridescent pack)

•White or iridescent glitter

Step 1


Top-coat your nails, then paint them white. It’s totally OK if this layer is messy and imperfect--just try to get right to the edges. Only do one coat for now because you'll need to save the second coat for...

Step 2


Sprinkle your fake snow into a small dish or the lid of a yogurt/food container you're done with. You can also just cut a square in the package to dip your fingers into, but this approach got a little messy for me, so I do not recommend it! 

Paint your nails with another layer of white polish, and while they're still wet, carefully roll each nail in the snow. This is way more fun if you pretend your nails are making snow angels, I assure you.

Step 3


Shake off any loose flakes back into your dish/bag. Trim any crazy looking excess flakes with a pair of nail clippers or scissors, then gently push the flakes down to solidify everything.

Step 4

When the flakes are contained and stuck in place, coat each nail with a thick layer of top coat and quickly sprinkle your nails with loose glitter before they dry.


Step 5

Shake off/brush off excess glitter, then finish it all off with a final layer of topcoat to lock the glitter in, and stand back to admire the whirling blizzard you've created on your hands. 


The best part? As the topcoat wears away, there's a good chance some of the flakes are going to drop off around you. That's right people: even if you live in Hawaii, you can make it snow.