The $5 Manicure I Want To Wear All Summer Long

Easy to apply, easy to touch up--what's not to love about this subtle glitter manicure?
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Easy to apply, easy to touch up--what's not to love about this subtle glitter manicure?

As much as I love nail art, I like my day-to-day nail look to be very easy, which is why I love press-on nails and glittery, textured polishes. Unlike a regular polish, it's not too noticeable when a sparkle manicure chips. And touch-ups are a cinch.  

Recently, at slumber party-themed fall preview for Essence cosmetics, I went the super easy way out on painting my nails: I got a manicure. 

My color choice was a combination of sheer, creamy white and peachy-pink glitter. I immediately decided this would be my go-to manicure of summer. Maybe it's yours, too? I'm going to show you how easy/pretty it is and then you can decide for yourself.  

summer manicure

Simple and elegant. 

I started my at-home Essence manicure with a clear base coat and then added two coats of Colour & Go Nail Polish ($1.99) in Give Me Nude, Baby! It's a translucent yet warm white with buildable color. One coat looks healthy and bright, while two coats reads fresh and summery. Of course, you could stop here...

summer manicure

...but I like sparkle, so it's glitter time. I applied two coats of Colour & Go in Space Queen, a polish name I feel a pretty strong kinship with. The base is a sheer peach-pink and there are flecks of gold, green, and lilac glitter. This is not an in-your-face glitter, but it has a ton of shine and catches the sunlight beautifully. Also, because the glitter is multi-tonal, it basically goes with anything you wear. 

summer manicure

Space Queen over Give Me Nude, Baby! photographed without flash.

summer manicure

Same combo with flash. 

The end result reminds me of shimmering beach sands and ocean water on a perfect summer day. Even better than the color is the fact that fixing chips is easy and the formula is fast-drying--so I don't have to sit around waiting after I do a touch-up,. 

Do you have a signature nail color or look? Or do you just want to talk about how awesome Essence is? Their drugstore displays are my kryptonite.