Mystique Eyes: An X-Men Costume For Lazies

Sorry, guys, I'm way too lazy to put together an elaborate costume.
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Sorry, guys, I'm way too lazy to put together an elaborate costume.

Every October my YouTube queue and Pinterest feed become flooded with Halloween costume and makeup ideas. This prompts me to think up all kinds of grand schemes for my own costume situation. But then I remember that a) I rarely go to Halloween parties (they're usually past my 9:30 bedtime), and b) I'm way too lazy to put together an elaborate costume. 

However, I love the X-Men villainess Mystique, aka Raven Darkhölme. 

raven darkholme as mystique in x-men

The grand lady herself.

She has one of the best mutations ever (shape-shifting), she's smart, cunning, and just an all-around badass.

Since my own laziness and lack of desire to be covered head to toe in blue body paint prevents me from going all out, I decided to use my eyes as a representation of this sexy super villain. 

Here's how to go halfsies (one-sixthsies?) on a Mystique costume. 


makeup swatches on arm

L-R: navy liner, cobalt cream pencil, pool blue shadow, gold cream shadow, gold glitter liner, Lady Danger lipstick, and Monte Carlo soft matte lip cream.

I started by covering my entire lid with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cobalt, a dark blue with silver sparkles. I concentrated extra pigment on the mobile eyelid, as this is where I want the overall color to be most dense, and then blended it out the closer I got to my eyebrow. 

applying blue eye shadow

See how the color fades out the higher you go?

Next I went over the entire lids with a bright blue shadow to set the cream pencil and provide more color saturation. 

blending blue eye shadow

I used a blue from a Wet N Wild trio in the limited edition Who’s Carpooling.


One of the defining characteristics of Mystique’s true form is the intricate scaling she has all over her face and body. 

To mimic those, I used the latex-based Duo Eyelash Adhesive and a thin eyeliner brush. I dipped the tip of the liner brush in the glue and placed markings all over the top portion of my lid, from crease to brow bone. I made sure to include a variety of shapes, as Mystique’s scales vary in size and shape. 

duo eyelash adhesive applied to eyelids

The fine point of this brush helps with precision.

Once the glue has dried (it should be relatively clear), I use the same liner brush (cleaned off with a baby wipe) to cover the now raised areas with the L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner in Navy. 

navy liquid eyeliner applied to eyelids

The glue underneath the gel liner creates some interesting texture.

I then went back over the whole area with the same blue shadow I used all over the eye to make sure that all of the glue was completely covered and to blend the scaled area in with the rest of the eye. I also created a winged line along my upper lash line using the navy gel liner again.


Another striking Mystique characteristic are her golden yellow eyes. For that, I took a liner brush and the NYX Cream Shadow in Gold and colored my lower lash line. I also added a bit of gold glitter NYX Liquid Crystal Liner to the inner corner for a extra dimension. 

applying gold liquid eyeliner to bottom lash liner

This doesn’t feel so good if it gets in your eyes, btw.


My look wouldn’t be complete without a touch of Mystique’s fiery red hair.

I grabbed an angled liner brush and filled in my brows with MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger. I finished the look by applying my foundation and concealer as usual, and using that same lipstick with a touch of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo (a straight red) for my lips! 

  • Are you a halfway-Halloweener like me? 
  • Would you try this look? Who is your favorite X-Men character?