I'm Newly Obsessed with Old 'X-Files' Episodes, So I've Been Doing My Hair and Makeup Like '90s Scully

It's really easy, and even though it's very '90s, it's also pretty timeless.
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It's really easy, and even though it's very '90s, it's also pretty timeless.

Recently, because of the return of The X-Files, I've been catching up on butt-loads of the original seasons of the The X-Files. In case you're not familiar, it's a show about paranormal and extraterrestrial mysteries, and the main characters are Fox Mulder, the believer, and Dana Scully, the skeptic. 

I particularly like Scully because, even though she is all for science and quite skeptical of Mulder's theories about paranormal activity or extraterrestrials, she still keeps an open mind and isn't super-stubborn about her beliefs. 

In the show, she normally rocks a very natural makeup look, including a brown-undertone lipstick. Even though most of the original episodes were in the '90s, I think her makeup is quite classic, and you can't really go wrong with it. 

I, myself, have been wearing this look as an ode to Scully, and also because it's so easy to do.

Face Base

PIC 1.jpg

I started off spot-concealing my face, as I'll be using a powder foundation next. I also made sure to conceal any redness, as Scully's skin is always very even and blemish-free.

PIC 2.jpg

Then, I swept a powder foundation all over my face. I decided to use a powder foundation as I noticed Scully's face is always really matte — very '90s. I think using a heavier-coverage foundation would be fine, too — just use a setting powder to make it matte. However, don't go overboard with the coverage as it's meant to look quite natural.


PIC 3.jpg

Scully has really minimal eye makeup. It always consists of matte brown eyeshadows. Here, I'm using the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette, and the shade Substitute For Love. This is an orange-brown color and looks quite subtle, while adding some warmth and shading to my eyelids.

PIC 4.jpg
PIC 5.jpg

To further define my eyes, I used a flat smudging brush and placed some dark brown eyeshadow into my upper lash line and the tiniest amount on my lower lash line. This is also a matte shade, and subtly adds definition and frames the eyes.

PIC 6.jpg

I noticed that Scully has lots of mascara on, so I curled my lashes and put on as much mascara as I could handle, and also did my bottom lashes. I feel like putting mascara on my bottom lashes always opens my eyes up more too.


PIC 7.jpg

I am using an orange blush that has a matte finish. This is very '90s, and I think it really ties the whole look together. Scully doesn't often contour — she just wears blush, which I really like because I'm not so into contouring but still like to add some color and accentuate the shape of my face.


PIC 8.jpg

The color of lip liner and lipstick is quite important as it's what makes the look so Scully and also very reminiscent of the '90s. I'm using a brown lip liner to line my lips. I'm following the natural shape of my lips — nothing too fancy, as I'm going for a natural look. 

PIC 9.jpg

For lipstick, I am using a creamy lipstick from Sportsgirl in the shade Boho. This shade is perfect for this look as it's an orange-brown color and actually matches with my eyeshadow. I think the fact that it's not matte modernizes the whole face.


PIC 10.jpg

Scully has a bob that's a similar length to mine, and it's always got that super-'90s wave to it. It kind of reminds me of the sneaky jeans combo for some reason.

PIC 11.jpg

I start off by sectioning my hair into a top section and a bottom section. You can do more sections if you have thicker hair, of course. I find that I've only got to do two because I have an undercut. 

Using a flat iron, I take a small section and go down the length of my hair, but when I get to the bottom half of the hair, I curve my flat iron inwards, creating an inward curve in my hair. Repeat this step until all of the bottom section is done.

PIC 12.jpg

You should end up with cute curved-in hair like this! Then let down the top section of hair and do the same to it.

PIC 13.jpg

Once you've ironed all of you hair, take the front section, and using the flat iron, pull it up and then under at the root, creating volume and giving you hair that bumpy front bit that kind of looks like a wave in the ocean you could be surfing in. I did this to both the left and right front sections of my hair.

PIC 14.jpg

Next, push the front sections back and hairspray at the root. Leave the hair pushed back until the hairspray sets. When you let your hair fall back to its normal position, it should have lift and volume.

PIC 16.jpg

There you have it, Scully inspired hair and makeup so you can channel her in your daily activities. This is such a great look for everyday wear and is easy enough to do when you're running late or just having a lazy day. Since we're talking about X-Files, how exciting is it that the new episodes have come out? I have yet to see them, but from the trailers I think Scully's look has been very modernized, but I still prefer her '90s aesthetic.