Which Lip Stain Holds Up Best Through Some Serious Frenching?

I made out with my boyfriend while wearing four different lip stains. FOR SCIENCE. And you.
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I made out with my boyfriend while wearing four different lip stains. FOR SCIENCE. And you.

Does making out count as a hobby? I do it a lot, and it’s my favorite thing. I used to be sort of a make-out slut, but I’ve been making out with one dude on the regular for a while now. 

I really love a hot, heavy, handsy make-out session. Sometimes I think I like it better than sex, but I only think that when it’s been a while since I had sex. Then I do that, and I’m like, “Oh, right.”

But making out is awesome because it feels good, it’s fun, and you can’t get pregnant!

Lipstick can be sort of a boner killer, though, right? My dude hates kissing me when I’m wearing it because it gets all over him, and no matter how many times I try to tell him how well that red brings out his pretty green eyes, he just can’t get on board the lipstick train. So I have to either wipe it off or settle for a few minutes of neck-sucking.

A bunch of expensive chastity belts, TBH.

A bunch of expensive chastity belts, TBH. Photography shot with the Canon SL1.

So I’ve been on the hunt for the most make-out-proof lip stain for a while. It needs to be long-wearing, durable, and sexy AF. I’ve got some I like, but which of them can stand the test of a full on sloppy, sexy lip lockin’ sesh? Let’s do some experimenting.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in Rouge Laque 

These stains are well-known and for good reason. Their color is great, and they go on smooth and glossy. In my experience, they stay super-well… but can they stay put through this test?

Here’s a before.

When writing about making out, it’s important to wear a sexy black dress.

When writing about making out, it’s important to wear a sexy black dress.

Then Ryder said the words that can get any woman’s blood pumping hard to her squishy parts: “Siri, set a timer for one minute.” We went full on Notebook for 60 seconds. 

Here’s what happened.


The damage is minimal, but the color did smear a bit. My boyfriend wasn’t down to use his face in this article (something about his “real” job in the very serious world of “finance” or something, idk), but quite a bit did come off on him. He also said my lips were quite slippery, but dude wasn’t complaining because, I mean, he’s cocoa puffs for me and we just made out!

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Always Red 

These stains are my personal favorite. They stay on super-well and I typically favor a matte lip over a glossy one. Just the one lip, though, y’all.

Oh, and we shot all these looks in one night. I basically have 50% less lips now.

Oh, and we shot all these looks in one night. I basically have 50% less lips now.

Then I hit play on the theme song from Titanic, and we went to town.


There’s more damage here than with the YSL stain, for sure. It looks sort of like a weird rash around my mouth, or like I went zombie on some brains. Because it’s a matte, it can be a bit drying, so this isn’t ideal for make-out situations anyway. It is hot, though. Moving on.

OCC Lip Tar in Anime 

Lip Tar has legendary staying power. I used the blue stuff on my eyes once and didn’t have to do eye makeup again for a week! (I don’t recommend that.) So I expected a lot more of this product.


And dennn…..


As soon as we started K-I-S-S-I-N-G, Ryder and I started cracking up because we could just feel this stuff getting everywhere. We persevered, though, and kissed through our laughter. We did that for you, precious reader. (By that, I mean I death-gripped the back of his head and yelled through my teeth, “Do not stop kissing me! This is for science!”)

Anyway, as you can tell, the Lip Tar managed to get everywhere while still somehow also being on my lips? And then I had to go hard with some scrubbing to get it off. Big ups to that chamomile stuff I wrote about once!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in Burgundy 

I usually don’t like two-step applicators like this one, because I am actually that lazy, but this product kills it. The colors are great and their staying power is too legit to quit. Check out what I’m about to throw down at you.

Do you just love this color or what?

Do you just love this color or what?

And then I went ham on my bf’s face because LOVE IS REAL.


Look at that! No damage whatsoever! This stuff is magic. It’s probably forged in a cauldron in some Paris back alley by a trio of sexy witches in floor length lace gowns, and for only $24 you can get your basic little muggle hands on it.

Clearly, the Aqua Rouge is a winner here, but there really are no losers because I got to make out with my cute bf a lot, and that’s never a bad time. I can vouch for the staying power of all these lip stains outside of the makeout realm, but why would you ever leave that realm?

Soooo… who’s the last person you made out with?