Moody Teen Pop Eyes: A Piercing Look For Everyday

An intense eye look with a bubblegum twist.
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An intense eye look with a bubblegum twist.

Piercing eyes are pretty desirable right? Wait, was it creepy or desirable? I don't remember. Anyway, what better way to create standout, piercing eyes than to put a whole bunch of eye makeup around it?

I'm sort of half serious. In high school, I was all about the eyeliner, lining my waterline like no tomorrow. It was kohl-rimmed eyes or bust. To me, Ally Sheedy's Breakfast Club "after" was a tragedy.

Nowadays, I'm more about a bright eye and bold lip, but let's experiment, shall we?

Today, I'm showing you how to create an eye look that mixes moody high school with international pop idol. I like to think this is the sort of makeup a teen pop star vampire would wear. Piercing, with a bubblegum twist. You know, kind of like a Selena Gomez in Hotel Transylvania-type. Are you with me?

Photography shot with the Canon SL1. 

Photography shot with the Canon SL1. 

Start with your choice of eyeshadow colour. I'm using lilac because it matched my sweater. But this can be done with any "pop" colour of your choice. I'm thinking yellows, blues and greens.

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Now let's go back to high school and rim that waterline with black. But don't stop there, go all around the eye.

Image Title3

Add the second coordinating colour around the eyeshadow. This step is optional, but I went for a darker purple to add a bit more depth.

Image Title4

Fill in those brows and skip the mascara. Or add it, if it pleases you. Keep the rest of the face simple. Apply a small amount of lip gloss, in clear, naturally, because you want everyone to be focused on your steely gaze.

Pose and look piercing.

Pose and look piercing.

Or smile. Whichever, I'm not your boss.

Or smile. Whichever, I'm not your boss.

Would you wear this look? I think it's pretty easy and a fun way to wear colour. Tell me what colour you'd use.