Skeptical Of Vegan Makeup? This Cruelty-Free Liquid Liner Will Change Your Mind

Tarte’s MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner made throwing out my less animal-friendly eyeliners so much easier.
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Tarte’s MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner made throwing out my less animal-friendly eyeliners so much easier.

Though I haven’t been the best new vegan so far (I’m trying!), I have been doing my very best to shop cruelty-free, especially when it comes to beauty products. 

One of the hardest parts has been replacing my beauty basics, the products that I’ve come to rely on and love to use. Old habits die hard, and when you find a roster of products that work for you, it can be hard to switch them up.

I was pretty sad to learn that some of of my favourite brands conduct third-party animal testing in order to sell in China and other places where animal testing is still mandatory. Although I can understand the need to meet market demands, I personally don’t feel right buying products that have caused pain and suffering for innocent animals, so I started shopping around for replacements. 

Luckily, I found Tarte’s vegan collection.

A super-awesome commenter pointed out this line to me a few weeks back, and I was instantly intrigued. It’s hard enough to find high-quality products that are cruelty-free, never mind vegan!

Approved by all my very scrutinous pets

Approved by all of my very demanding pets.

The vegan collection is pretty big--almost 30 different products--and contains a ton of great basics. In an effort to replace my old products, I decided to try out Tarte’s MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner.


Pen-shaped with a very pointy brush, this product is very similar to the Stila pen I’m used to using (and the cheaper Japanese dupe I reviewed).


Though the Tarte formula isn’t labelled waterproof, I’ve found it stays just as well as waterproof liners, if not better. I’m also happy to report that it doesn’t seem to dry out as quickly/easily as other eyeliner pens I’ve tried, even if it comes into contact with powder eyeshadow. 

This product is definitely my new absolute favourite eyeliner pen, and I thrilled that it’s vegan!

Have you tried anything from Tarte's vegan collection? What other cruelty-free brands should I try?