The Glitter Eyeshadow That's Actually Worth $32

It's nothing like any other glittery shadow you've tried, and it lasts ALL DAY.
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It's nothing like any other glittery shadow you've tried, and it lasts ALL DAY.

Compared to lip colors, I buy eyeshadows very, very infrequently. In fact, I use eyeshadows so little that my Urban Decay Naked palette looks pretty brand new. After all, it’s hard enough trying to get up in the mornings to go to work. I can't risk blinding myself on a Monday morning with purple glitter, you know what I mean?

When my BFF, Andrea Claire (who has been a makeup artist for almost as long as I have been alive and is also almost always my beauty Wikipedia), Instagrammed a photo of herself dropping a lot of dough on some new eye makeup, I knew I had to get my hands it.


This is Stila’s Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow, a buildable powder-to-cream formula. While it’s not cheap, each eyeshadow pot comes with the Stay All Day Liquid Eye Shadow Primer and a mixing tray.


To apply, add a drop of primer to the mixing tray, then add a small dab of the eye shadow and swirl the mixture together. Just use your fingers: you’ll notice that the texture of the eye shadow, which isn’t cream or the usual powdery glitter, works better with your fingers than your brush. (I like to use my fingers for new product to feel the textures anyway.) 

Then, use your finger to dab the eyeshadow on your lids, and build intensity as you go along.

Vintage Black Gold, and Metallic Merlot

Vintage Black Gold and Metallic Merlot.

It’s not a slap-on-and-go eyeshadow for sure and it requires some trying, testing and effort, but the payoff is pretty awesome and so is the primer that comes with it. 

While the super! shiny! glitter! (yes, exclamation marks all needed) may not be welcomed in all offices, the nature of my job lets me walk in in my Hello Kitty PJs and fully made-up face and tell everybody I’m doing it for the sake of an article.

I didn’t have Hello Kitty PJs on that day, but I wanted to see how wearable the eyeshadow is, and how it lasts throughout the day. If it lasts in the heat and humidity of Singapore, it’ll last anywhere!


8:30 am, in a cab: I was running late for a morning event, so I had to take a cab. No surprise there. I was pleasantly surprised at how wearable the color was in the day. I kept the rest of my makeup simple: dewy cheeks and a nude lipstick. (I am in desperate need of a haircut and a brow threading, but I’m trying to hold it off till the end of the month.)

My intern greets me at the event with, “You look like a fairy princess with your makeup today.” She’s totally getting the Intern of The Year Award from me.


 2 pm, post-lunch: Between the last time I took a photo, I have gone to the opening of a new mall, sat down at a meeting where I wanted to die, braved lunch in the financial district whilst checking out hot dudes in suits under my Ray-Bans, and got a Venti order of my favorite Starbucks drink (Venti soy green tea latte with no-sugar syrup and extra green tea powder) before making it to my editorial meeting. 

My eyes are still all sparkly and my boss told me she likes my makeup and has decided that, henceforth, she will “listen to Faz and my life will be better.” I agree wholeheartedly with that philosophy.


7: 30 pm, back home: Most of my makeup has disappeared from my face. My eyes, however, are sparkly; some of the sparkles have been wiped off, probably thanks to my rubbing my eyes earlier in the day, but it has lasted almost 12 hours. 

Pretty impressive for eyeshadow I put on while I was half-asleep, don’t you think?

It’s not cheap, but I think it’s worth the money, especially since I see myself using them A LOT this holiday season. Plus, I won’t get an avalanche of sparkles like I usually would when I attempt to use pots of loose glitter. It’s blendable, too, and the foil finish is immediate with only a layer. 

You need a little to make a statement, which, in my books, is definitely something that makes a good product!