Quick Question: Do You Match Your Makeup To Your Glasses?

I didn't realize it until recently, but I totally do.
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I didn't realize it until recently, but I totally do.

There's been a lot of talk about matching lately: lips to nails, eyeliner to lipstick, eyebrows to hair, lipstick and nail polish to your outfit, etc. Perhaps that's what woke me up to a habit of mine of which I was blissfully unaware: I tend to match my makeup to whatever glasses I plan to wear that day, or vice-versa.

I have a large and growing spectacle collection, covering a limited but versatile range of frame colors: a couple black pairs, a couple dark-brown pairs, a light-brown pair, a burgundy pair, and a clear pair. As soon as I know what my outfit is going to be, I have a pretty clear idea of which frames I want to wear; and apparently, this idea has been subconsciously shaping the makeup colors I pick.

Were you expecting black lipstick?

Were you expecting black lipstick?

Without fail, if I'm wearing one of the black frames, I'm wearing black eyeliner. Brown frames? Brown eyeshadow and liner, usually in a shade quite close to the respective frame. I'll even wear a lipstick in the burgundy family if I wear my burgundy frames.

The only exception is the clear frames. Those I often save for when I'm wearing a bolder, brighter eyeshadow or liner; unconsciously, I'm probably choosing them so no other color can detract from the makeup. (Fun, slightly relevant fact: When I was in middle school, I'd tell people my favorite color was clear, and I thought I was super-clever for that.)

I always thought I was treating my glasses like an accessory or jewelry, but since this little epiphany, it definitely seems more like an extension of my makeup.

How about you? Quick Question: Do you match your glasses to your makeup?