Pastel Eyebrows: Should I Dye Mine Or Try Something More Temporary?

I am slowly turning every part of my head pastel.
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I am slowly turning every part of my head pastel.

I’ve had bleached brows in the past, and although the reactions of those around me were... well, not the best, I loved them. 

From my Worn blog post on the topic.

From my Worn blog post on the topic.

It was a little strange suddenly walking around seemingly eyebrowless (before I got a chance to tone them, it was genuinely terrifying), but I got used to the starkness of my face with time, and I even rather enjoyed the grow-in phase. It was like having a salt and pepper beard for brows.

When I first bleached my hair, I strongly questioned whether I should leave my brows white, or dye them a pastel colour. At the time, I was switching around quickly from white to pink (like I always am), so I thought matching my brows to the pink could be an interesting change. But similar to the reaction I got from the people around me for bleaching my brows in the first place, the suggestion that I have cotton-candy brows seemed strangely taboo. One friend replied to my “Should I?” text with a blatant “Noooooooo.”

When my brows grew in, I left them alone. The countless warnings I’d received over the internet about blinding myself had made me a little anxious about trying the process a second time. But as the days rolled steadily by, I kept coming back to photos of pastel-browed beauties.

Should I try it? Or hold on to that one non-pastel bit of my face? I just couldn’t decide. So I decided to perform an experiment.

I painted by brows with lipstick for two days, and went about my normal life. Though they didn’t actually match my hair, I figured white is pretty complementary to unicorn colours in general. I used a lip brush and went to town each morning before I left the house, and the results were pretty believable.


I learned a couple things from my coloured brow test drive. One is that human beings are far less averse to something they know is reversible. Unlike the negative, confused reactions I got when I bleached my brows, I received nothing but praise for painting my brows purple and pink. People were totally into it, from the girl behind the Sephora counter to my boss at work. Not a negative word was uttered. Not a baffled face was seen.

The second thing I noticed was how nice it was to change the colour from day to day. Maybe dyeing isn’t the answer, maybe it was lipstick all along? I got to match my brows to my feelings and outfit each day.

And when it was time for bed, I just used a Comodynes makeup wipe and my brows were back to normal. 

The flexibility felt good… but I was still a bit curious to try the real thing.

Thank you for giving me the prettiest eyebrows ever Lime Crime “D’lilac” and Stila “Elle”

Thank you for giving me the prettiest eyebrows ever Lime Crime “D’lilac” and Stila “Elle”

And so the question goes out to you guys: what do you think I should do next? Coloured brows? Bleached brows with colours layered on top? Normal brows with colours layered on top? Help!