Turns Out NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil In Cruella Looks Perfect With Fur Coats

How apropos!
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How apropos!

I think there's a moment for every person when their life suddenly changes for the better. For me, this was when I got my faux fur coat. 

Wearing a fur coat is the greatest. The second you put one on, you suddenly feel powerful and glamorous and like a boss-ass bitch. You can wear it over anything and suddenly it’s 1,000 times more chic. Plus, it’s a wearable conversation piece. The first time I wore it out, I got all sorts of compliments from strangers and inquiries as to where I got it from (ASOS, FYI). 

People even asked to pet it, which I obliged if they were hot. Also, Beyoncé wears fur coats all the time. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Is this XOVain or French Vogue, am I right?

Is this xoVain or French Vogue, am I right?

Red lipstick is similarly powerful in its ability to create instant confidence and attract attention. So it’s only natural that the two should come together in unholy matrimony. And the best red I’ve found to wear with my fur coat is the appropriately named NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. 

Much like the villain it’s named after, it looks great with fur. Alle loves this pencil, too, and for good reason: it’s awesome. It’s easy to apply, super-pigmented, and long-lasting. Cruella is a slightly darker, cooler red than Alle’s favorite, Dragon Girl.

My favorite lip brush and a swatch

My favorite lip brush and a swatch

To apply, I first exfoliate with Lush’s Lip Scrub and apply lip balm, which I let sit while I get ready. I usually wait until right before I’m about to leave to do my lipstick so I don’t mess it up. 

I then use a flat, square brush that I bought at the art supply store to outline my lips. I run the top across the lipstick, then on either side to flatten out the tip. I lightly outline my lips without stretching them to get the right shape, then stretch them out and go over it again to darken the line.

My lips lined and my scraggly mustache hair.

My lips lined and my scraggly mustache hair.

Then, I fill in with the pencil. 

If you’re wearing a fur coat and bright red lips, you have two very attention-grabbing items on, so it’s best to leave the rest of the look simple. Besides, we don’t want to look like we’re trying or anything. I like to do a light wash of matte brown eyeshadow with a messy topknot or loose waves. 

For night, add some big, bouncy waves for EXTREME GLAMOUR. Bonus points if you curl your hair and put it in a bun during the day, then when your friends are like, “Let’s go out!” you just unleash the waves, fix your lipstick, and look hot as hell. 

It’s truly the perfect look for all occasions when you want to feel AND look hot this winter.