Multi-Use Beauty Tips For Nipple Balm, Eyeliner & More

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Some of my favorite beauty finds are totally accidental. Kind of like that time I left a small travel container of cream at my aunt’s house--being a fellow beauty junkie, she used it all over her face, day and night. Days later, she asked me what was the name of that amazing face cream I left her, to which I replied, “Hair wax."

Admittedly, she was horrified. But you know what? She looked damn good. So maybe she was onto something. Here are my three favorite products that I use differently than intended, along with a few bonus tips from other xoBabes!

Nipple Balm

sexy body its the balm lip nipple balm

"Apply this smooth silky balm to your lips or nipples for a special treat"

OK, to be fair, this is nipple AND lip balm, so I’m not thinking too out of the box. My cousin gave this and a vagina tightening cream (which doubles as a wrinkle smoother) as gag gifts for her wedding. I somehow ended up with both, and guess what? The nipple balm is the greatest lip balm ever. It is cold and creamy, just as described, and it keeps my mouth super moisturized. A++. Five stars.

it's the balm

Do I ever!

Verdict is still out on the tightening cream, though.

Eyeliner As Lip Liner

urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil bourbon

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Bourbon

This tip is from my auntie Amy, who I watched get ready for dates when I was a kid in the '90s. Not only does this stuff last, it’s on trend: brown lips, anyone?

eyeliner as lipliner.jpg

Paint Brush As A Concealer Brush

paint brush dime

The finest of tips.

We’ve talked about this before. Using paint brushes as makeup brushes ain't no joke.

paint brush as concealer brush

Perfect for covering up red marks.

I like to use a very, very fine brush in place of a concealer brush. This is the perfect brush for covering up acne and red marks, because you’re only using the tiniest amount of product. Say goodbye to cake face.


Kate: Always, ALWAYS lipstick as blush! It gives the perfect dewy finish!

TamaraI wrote about this, but I use primer that doesn't work on my face as anti-chaffing gel for my thighs. I also always use matte eye shadow in place of brow powder so I don't have to waste extra dough on an unnecessary product.

Kara: Some dude friends use my Aveda Dry Remedy Oil for their beards.

Hannah: For a while I was spraying Oribe's Côte d'Azur hair refresher on my wrists as perfume, but they got the hint and finally released it as an actual fragrance.

Alle: I like to use eye shadow on top of lip balm as lip color. I also use contact solution instead of water to moisten my eye shadows for better color and longer wear. I write about this all the time, but it's JUST SO GOOD.

Christine: I use olive oil on my hair all the time. It helps keep my dry, coarse hair moisturized. 

SO good, right? I am enlightened.

  • Do you have any products you use differently than you're supposed to?
  • Ever bought nipple balm and used it on your lips?