3 Makeup Looks Inspired by Snacks — Healthy Ones!

If you've ever wanted a lip color that matches egg yolk, I've found it.
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If you've ever wanted a lip color that matches egg yolk, I've found it.

Remember a few weeks ago when Instagrammer Tim O and his snack-inspired looks popped up in beauty news

I'm always up for unexpected makeup inspiration, but I'm also trying to stay healthy these days. That's why I thought to take inspiration from my favorite healthy(ish) snack options.

Snack #1: Banana Bowl

maura healthy snacks 1.jpg

This snack is a bowl with banana, walnuts, almonds and some honey. I hardly ever have a sweet tooth, but I do love bananas. It's also a great for those who prefer to de-dick a banana before eating it.

For this look I used Urban Decay Vice4 to create a warm brown crease. I highlighted the inner corner with a gold eyeshadow. Gold is just a fancier interpretation of the color yellow, right? 

On the lid I applied Foxy from Naked2, which is a very banana-colored eyeshadow. I finished the eyes by adding some glitter bits, which represented the sheen of the honey. 

maura healthy snacks 2.jpg

On the lips I'm wearing NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu on top of Essence Lip Liner in Hot Chocolate, which creates a very almond-esque effect together.

I'm so sorry my hair is a mess these days.

I'm so sorry my hair is a mess these days.

Snack #2: Egg, Zucchini and Eggplant on Toast

maura healthy snacks 4.jpg

This is a bit of a big snack but a good one: grilled zucchini and eggplant, seasoned with some ras el hanout (a Moroccan spice mix — it's the best) and a fried egg on toast.

For the eyes, I mostly took inspiration from the vegetable part of the snack: the brown and purple tones from the eggplant, and green from the zucchini. 

maura healthy snacks 5.jpg

The most egg-yolk color I could think of was OCC Lip Tar in Bèta. It's so bright it wouldn't even photograph normally!

maura healthy snacks 6.jpg

Snack #3: Yogurt and Stuff

maura healthy snacks 7.jpg

This snack is soy yogurt with whatever I can find. This time it's pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries, almond slices and some chocolate sprinkles.

On the eyes I used a really pomegranate shade; Aniseed by Sleek. For some reason, it turned out very pink on camera, though. I combined it with some dusty pink colors from Naked3, and on the middle of the lid I added a shimmery white to represent the yogurt. I added a black cat eye as a barrier (otherwise it can look like you've been crying) and also to represent the dark chocolate. 

maura healthy snacks 8.jpg

For the lips, I went for MAC Red with some Candy Yum-Yum in the middle.

maura healthy snacks 9.jpg

I never thought I'd take beauty inspiration from my foods like this, but it did help me come up with that cool pink-ish red lip in the last picture, and I used my Bèta Lip Tar for the first time in ages. Not a bad experiment, right? I don't think Tim O approves of my healthy interpretation of his series, but that's okay.

  • What's your favorite healthy snack? 
  • What's your most recent weird beauty inspiration?