LOTW: Makeup For Spending Valentine's Day In Bed

It's like you, but hotter.
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It's like you, but hotter.

Tamara has been called away this week, so I'll be your LOTW hostess for the afternoon. The temporary assignment wasn't a hard sell. You mean I get to see all of your lovely faces AND I get to read hundreds of absolutely sweet comments? Um, #YesPlease.

Inspired by a tight deadline and the desire to look hella foxy, I want to share a simple recipe for an effortlessly sexy look. It's a combination of dewy skin, flushed cheeks, come-hither bedroom eyes, and mussed up hair. You only need four products to get the look (and a tussle in the hay will only improve upon it).

Here's My No-Makeup Makeup, Sexy Bedroom Edition 

I recently picked up a pile of Tarte makeup and so far the two products that I'm loving are the Cheek Stain in Blissful and EmphasEYES (a waterproof eye and brow pencil) in Brown. Both products take so little and last so long. I probably won’t need to replace them for YEARS. That’s bananas.

I start by applying a BB cream with a drop of oil in it, for that dewy finish.

nyc bb cream after

NYC BB cream in Light.

Then I slick on Tarte Cheek Stain from the apples of my cheeks to my hairline, dabbing and blending a little extra on my cheekbones.

applying cheek stain to cheek

Be generous.

That same cheek stain is then used to color my lips. I reapply a few times until I get the right shade.

applying cheek stain to lips


To enhance my lash line and define my eyes, I smudge Tarte EmphasEYES along my upper and lower lash line.

lining lower lashline

Easy does it!

Departing from the trend of fleek-y gradient brows, I just fill in any thin spots, brush them up and out, and then leave them alone. 

filling in eyebrows

Wild and woolly!

A quick spritz of hairspray and a little scrunching and I'm done! Ain’t no makeup like "no makeup"! It’s like me, but hotter.

natural makeup look

Like nothing at all!

And here are some gorgeous people you should look at. Total antithesis of a no-makeup look, and I can't get enough!

  • Are you on team subtle-sexy? 
  • Planning an extra-precious look for Valentine’s Day?
  • Do you consider the, ahem, staying power of your makeup when you have a hot date? I'm pleased as punch with Tarte. The cheek stain is especially persistent!

Let me know your answers down in the comments, and make sure to add your LOTW here or on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. Tag @xovain and #xolotw so we can all see what you're up to.