In Honor Of The Mad Men Finale, Megan Draper Is Your Look To Try This Weekend

GLAM Megan Draper, mind you. Although you could probably just stick some joints in your bikini bottoms and look equally sexy.
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GLAM Megan Draper, mind you. Although you could probably just stick some joints in your bikini bottoms and look equally sexy.

When Shannon came into the office a few weeks ago, I totally pulled one of the, "Has anybody ever told you that you look exactly like..."

For me, this is either annoying or really, really awesome. When I was a nice shade of burnt orange, it was always "that chick from Step Up 1!" She's now known as "that chick that had Channing Tatum's baby!" Her name is Jenna Dewan, and nobody sees it today. Holler at me in the comments if you knew me circa 2008/2009.

Then when I dyed my hair dark I started getting Mila Kunis, which... Jesus, I love it. And, like, she has a lot of money, which is what I really admire.

The secretary at my high school said Natalie Wood; you may know her from dying on a boat and the subsequent conspiracy theories that have recently surfaced. Also, total babe, movie star.

Recently I've been getting Grimes. I don't see it, but I'm assuming she also has a lot of money.

SHANNON, on the other hand IS Megan Draper. If her hair were a few shades darker, I'm sure she'd get it all the time. She actually said she'd never heard that before, which I couldn't believe.

So I asked her to come in and let me do her hair and makeup to prove my point, the overarching theme of which is that I'm always right.



Since this look is so eye-heavy, I had to start with a primer. My current favorite eye primer is Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Then, I shaded the lid up to the crease with the frosty mauve Sin from the Naked palette.

After dissecting a bunch of Megan's more glamorous makeup looks, a common theme that emerged was a super-metallic, almost glossy lid. Might I recommend the BEST metallic cream eye color (?): Laura Mercier's, you know, Metallic Créme Eye Colour. The Gold color that I used was discontinued, much to my bummer, because it was by far the best, but the others are beautiful as well. Just dab with your pinky finger from the inner corner to halfway across the lid. This will really brighten and widen the eyes and give that flirty bit of reflective glisten. Wow, what did I just call that? "Flirty bit of reflective glisten"...?

I wanted a little more color on the eyes, so I mixed shades 2 and 3 from the Revlon Photoready shadow palette in 520, both purples, with a little Sidecar from the Naked palette. It made a more bluish purple mauve if that makes sense. Sorry, I was in full-on artist zone, wherein I mix a handful of colors together with no real rhyme or reason other than TO ACHIEVE MY VISION, OF COURSE. I used this to dramatically shade the crease, bringing it out to a soft point just below the outer tip of the eyebrow.

Image Title2

Now for the wing liner. If you have trouble with inks, gels, pencils, etc., this is a really easy way to paint on a smooth line.

Take your 1/4 inch angle brush from the art supply store, dip it in water, and then onto the charcoal Creep shade in the Naked Palette. Load both sides of the brush in the watercolor-like paint that you'll make, and smooth it right up into the lash line. The consistency with the pressed Urban Decay shadows is really nice for this, and it's hard to not paint a smooth line; the liner won't build up weird if you need to paint over any areas, either.

Bring the wing out, angling it to match the edge of the shaded section, so both ponts meet.

Image Title3

Add some thick black false lashes for the full-on '60s glam effect. We just used cheapy ones from the drugstore--there's really not a huge difference between these and the more high-end options other than the thickness of the band.

A thick band doesn't stay on as easily, you'll need to apply more glue, especially to the inner edges and really hold it down while it dries, so keep that in mind. And DEFINITELY cut the strips so that they fit your lash lines, oftentimes they are too wide--a telltale sign that you fail at womanhood. Otherwise, in photos especially, you can't tell the difference.

Finally, I dusted some bronzer (Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact, which is MEGA chic and gorgeous in its expensive-looking compact if you're into having really beautiful products), into the hollows of her cheeks, and added some Soft Pink Bobbi Brown blush on the apples.

I lined her lips with the neutral mauve Tonga by Nars, and layered the bubblegum pink No. 09 Sephora lipstick over the toasted neutral 14 by Rimmel, which I just noticed is discontinued.

And TADA AND STUFF, she's totally Megan.

Also, I finally got another chance to let one of my favorite dresses out of the closet: a couture '60s cocktail dress that's like, kind of f***ing awesome.



I dare you to tell me she doesn't look exactly like Megan Draper. Also, do you think they're really going to kill her off? I haven't been keeping up with this season because life, and also, I like to watch the entire thing in one sitting anyway, but I thought the star shirt thing was some EXPLOSIVE BRILLIANT costume stuff. Even if it was just a nod to an iconic piece of fashion and not a hint.

But they have us all dancing around like puppets anyway, so they totally calculated that dumb shirt move to cause buzz so we all watch on Sunday, right? Also Jane4lyfe, I can totally relate to being with a custy older dude and having a religious awakening like "WTF?" and peacing. Can't you?