Quick Question: Do You Like Using Loose-Powder Eyeshadow?

Spoiler alert: I don't.
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Spoiler alert: I don't.

On a scale of easygoing to control freak, I fall somewhere in the middle, probably leaning a little towards the controlly end of the spectrum. But nothing brings out the capital-C capital-F Control Freak in me like loose-powder eyeshadow.

So pretty, yet so messy!

So pretty, yet so messy!

I cannot deal with this stuff. Attempting to use it, I feel like my world is falling apart, pigmented speck by pigmented speck. No matter the brush, I just can't make it look the way I want it to. I end up looking like a Color Runner.

There are about a dozen loose eyeshadow options on Sephora's website, so someone's gotta be using it right?

So I ask: Do you like using loose-powder eyeshadow, or does it turn your brain to frustration dust like it does mine?