Lipstick Is My Mood Ring

You can tell how I'm feeling by the color I'm wearing on my lips.
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You can tell how I'm feeling by the color I'm wearing on my lips.

I haven't had a mood ring since, like, 1995. Where does one even buy a mood ring anymore? We always got ours at Claire's, but I'm pretty sure Claire's considers its One Direction earrings more important than lil ol' mood rings in 2014. MOOD RINGS ARE TIMELESS, GUYS. (I know the rings in my pics are turquoise, but you make do with what you have.)

When you're an impressionable child you're like, Oh man! This ring knows how I feel! How does it do that? Well, it doesn't. It's all based on body heat. A ring can’t tell if you’re feeling mellow or cheerful. As we said in 1995, NO DOY.

Since I'm a lady now and I certainly do not wear any $2 rings (sterling silver or gold only 'cause I don't like those green stains cheap rings leave), I use--what else--lipstick to communicate my mood to the world. When you have 50+ lipsticks to your name, what else can you do?



Bobbi Brown's Black Cherry is THE perfect color for my don't-mess-with-me days. I like that it's soft and creamy versus chalky matte, so even when my soul is all colored over with dark feelings, my lips don't suffer. The hint of gloss in the lipstick keeps it from feeling too gothy--not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

Unfortunately, Bobbi doesn’t make this color anymore, but you could try her Sheer Lip Color in Black Plum for a similar effect. Or grab for the big guns and try Revlon’s Super Lustrous in Black Cherry, which I’ve written about before.



Bright lipstick attracts attention, no doubt about it. I'm always wearing a blaze of bright red, but sometimes I don't want all those pesky eyes staring at my mouth, so I reach for something a bit more subtle. 

I very rarely go out with no lip color at all, so when I feel like hiding in plain sight I like a reddish gloss, like AERIN Lip Gloss in Vibrant. It gives my lips just a sheer hint of color and a bit of innocent, sweet shine.



 You all know my feelings on pink lipstick: It ain't for me. When I'm gonna flirt, I'm gonna do it in cherry red lipstick. 

Rihanna's new Viva Glam shade is my current favorite, and guess what: it's a frost! I never thought a frost formula would end up in my lipstick corral, but it sure has. It's more metallic than frosty "Dallas" style, I promise. When combined with uber-girly accessories, it’s foolproof. You’ll have them begging at your feet in no time.



Flirting and desire are two very different beasts, you know. One needs cheerful, upbeat bright red and the other, something much deeper and sexier. 

NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Mascate is one of my favorite femme fatale colors. It's bold without being loud, and deep without veering maroon. With a little black dress (or little black lingerie!) it's a guaranteed killer. 



Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven is the perfect orange-red, and it wears FOREVER. I wore it at work from 1pm to 10pm, and it barely faded or budged, even while I shoved Cheez-Its into my mouth on my break. 

It's a loud, bright, take-no-prisoners color, which is exactly what you should slick on when you need a little boost of confidence. 

This isn’t crazy, is it? Do you change your lipsticks to your mood? Which ones do you pick?