3 Lipstick Shades I Like Using All Over My Face

Some colors are just too good to use on lips alone.
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Some colors are just too good to use on lips alone.

You probably already know this, but I needed to make the declaration: I love lipstick.

Some forms of makeup intimidate people just because you don’t know your way around them, but lipstick doesn’t discriminate. Everybody from an awkward teen trying to dip her toes into the wonderful world of beauty to a grandmother who puts on a lipstick to match the flowers on her dress--there’s something universal, effortless and sensual about lipstick.

You can buy it $1.99 from CVS or splurge on a Tom Ford one that I would need to sell a portion of my liver for. The application of lipstick requires minimal skill, but when you actually do perfect it, it feels pretty fabulous.

Even though it doesn’t say in the instructions, lipsticks tend to have more use than just for color on your lips. I double up my lipsticks as eye primers and colors, blushes and even highlighters.

These are my favorite lip colors that can multitask better than I can sometimes!

NARS Pure Matt Lipstick in La Paz

Francois Nars is a big advocate of using makeup beyond it’s actual tagged purpose. If you’ve read his books, interviews or checked out his runway looks, you’ve noticed that he often uses lipsticks as lip or cheek colors. And you know, the man invented The Multiple, my favorite cylindrical object in existence.

Thanks to the fusion of excitement and nerves, I told Francois Nars that his Multiple gives me multiples when I met him at a media event last year. He laughed, out of being polite, I’m sure. Even I was rolling my eyes at myself just as the words left my mouth.

La Paz, in the tube, under sunlight.

La Paz, in the tube, under sunlight.

With Mr. Nars as my inspiration and my pun vomit behind me, I used NARS Pure Matt Lipstick in La Paz, a deep purple with silver sparkle, on my lids.

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As a precaution, when it comes to my eyes, I use higher-end lip colors. If I use lipstick with sparkle in them, I make sure they’re not the type where the glitter would come off. Also, before I use any new product, I do a patch test on my wrist before I put it on my face.

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If you don't fancy the purple lips and purple eyes combo, turn your eyes smoky with black lipstick or kohl pencil (remember my smoky eye tutorial with black lipstick?). Draw it on and blend it out using your fingers.

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I don’t care what you’re using on your eyes, just make sure you remove everything from your face thoroughly at the end of the day. Don’t sleep with your makeup on--just because that habit hasn’t left you blind doesn’t mean it won’t one day. If you have time to put on makeup, find time to remove it.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick, Kate Moss Collection, #111

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Using lipstick as a blush is probably the most straightforward technique of all. Think of it as using a cream blush--so creamy textures are the best.

YES! My nails are bananas! They're appliques by Gummi Nails.

YES! My nails are bananas! They're appliques by Gummi Nails.

Sweep your finger across the lipstick to pick up the product and warm it between your fingers. Apply the lipstick using a dabbing action on the apples of your cheek and work across your cheekbone.

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Repeat on the other cheek before you decide you need more flush. Lipstick tends to be more saturated than cream blush so you don't want to overdo it!

NARS Pure Matt Lipstick in Peloponnese

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Other than the fact that I really really like enunciating “Peloponnese,” this lipstick shade doesn’t get enough cred for how beautiful it really is. It’s a muted peachy brown with warm undertones, gold sparkle and a frosted finish.

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I have adverse reactions to frosted-finished anything. (Why mess up a beautiful piece of glass with frost finish? WHY?! And unless it’s Nutella you’re frosting my cake with, I probably don’t care for it either.) So when I picked this lipstick up, I had absolutely no intentions of using it as a lip color. Instead, I used it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, my nose bridge and my brow bone.

Have you used makeup for purposes other than its intended use? What else have you used lipstick for?