The Lime Crime Sale That Almost Made Me Give Up On The Brand--ALMOST

It was incredibly frustrating, but it introduced me to one of my new favorite lip colors.
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It was incredibly frustrating, but it introduced me to one of my new favorite lip colors.

I tend to avoid big sale shopping days. I hate the competitive shoppers, overheating in the mall, and the lack of sizes and options available in the stores. Of course, I’ll suffer through a line-up for a studio sale at my favourite local lingerie brand’s headquarters or spend ages outside Opening Ceremony for one of their famous sample sales if I'm in town, but in general, I stay home and wait it out.

I had never really understood the hype of Black Friday as a Canadian, but when I saw this past November that Lime Crime was offering 30% off everything on their site, I got excited. I had kept my eye on a few products I wanted to try, and this seemed like the perfect time to get a deal.

It was absolutely not the perfect time. 

When I rolled out of bed at 8 AM Friday morning, the Lime Crime website servers had already crashed, and the sale didn’t even start for another hour. I decided it was probably just a momentary glitch, a result of some sale coding changes in the back end of the site, so I had some breakfast, worked on an article, skimmed Pinterest, and then tried again at 9:30. The site was still down.

The dreaded error message can be seen at the top of the page

The dreaded error message can be seen at the top of the page.

All day, the site was down. I tried to get through right up until I had to leave for work, then had Emmett keep trying for me during my shift. If I was lucky, one page would load, only to give me an error page when I tried to move toward the checkout page. 

There were Instagram apologies from the company and hundreds of angry complaints. Some people managed to refresh enough times to actually make an order; it only took them an hour (or more). By the end of the day, I had pretty much given up. I reasoned I didn’t really need any more makeup. 

I felt defeated. I had really wanted a tube of Red Velvet for the holiday season.

But then, the sun beamed down through the clouds (AKA the company didn't want to lose hundreds of sales and half of their fan base): The sale was extended two more days, and I woke up at 5am the next morning (to be safe) and placed my order. Turns out the sale didn’t even apply to the Velvetines, so I picked a few extra items to try and mask my disappointment. 

The stupid sale led me to spend more money than I ever planned to (as most sales do). Factor in the time I spent clicking refresh on my computer screen, and really it was just a total loss.

The products arrived weeks later. Still feeling disappointed by the experience, I went to work trying out what I bought.

Carousel Gloss

Carousel Gloss is a pretty typical sticky lip gloss. I haven't owned a gloss since my teen days, but I bought this one to try layering over lipsticks like D'lilac and maybe even a red or pink. I also just really like carousel-themed things right now for some reason.


Sadly the sparkle isn't as obvious as I'd assumed it was based on the photos, and I find it dries out my lips like crazy. 

You have to squint to see the sparkles, even on the red.

You have to squint to see the sparkles, even on the red.

Zodiac Glitter in Oriphicius


I am extremely happy with the glittery-ness of this glitter. It is iridescent and metallic, and the rainbow depths to which it shines are mesmerizing. 

My big issue with this product is the lack of primer: it comes loose with no adhesive of any sort, which really only makes it useful for glitter dandruff. Luckily, I have my handy tube of Too Faced Glitter Glue, which worked amazingly (as usual). 

So far, I've done hints of glitter in the corners of my eyes, and a full eyelid sparkle for New Year's, and both turned out lovely. Next I'm going to try it with a top coat on my nails.

Red Velvet Velvetine


Loved by countless beauty bloggers and almost constantly sold out, Red Velvet is the clear champion of the Lime Crime line. 

I'm not a red lipstick wearer myself; the last red I bought was a classic Chanel that I decided I needed in grade 8 and never even wore until after I turned 20. But the perfect blue-red shade of Red Velvet, met with the very foreign liquid-lipstick-that-turns-matte concept, had me curious. 

Of course, when I got to the checkout page, I found the Velvetines were the one exception to the sale, but I spent the $20 anyway in a state of sale shopping madness.


Red Velvet is so good, it almost makes up for all the frustration I went through trying to order it. It goes on wet and dries matte pretty quickly, and once it's dry the colour is very long-lasting. I wore it almost constantly over the holidays, both with pink hair and white, and I received endless compliments and requests to borrow it. 

The only issue I have is the smell: I don't know how to explain the smell except to say it has a bit of a plasticky thing going on. 

Overall, I'm relatively happy with the products I got, but the stress of the sale was so not worth it. Did you brave any Black Friday makeup sales? Did it work out better for you than it did for me?