The New Korean Beauty Trend Is A Drawn-On Hairline

Road testing the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker.
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Road testing the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker.

I'm obsessed with Korean beauty. Whenever I see a product that's different from what we have here in the west, I get all Smeagol “My PRECIOUS” on it. And then somehow it ends up on my vanity.

This is exactly what happened when I spotted the Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker at my local Holika Holika.

The pen, which has a sponge applicator and contains powdered pigment in the cap, comes in both brown and black.

straight hairline holika hairline maker

Check out my new hairline.

It’s meant for M shaped hairlines (I’m guessing that’s another term for widow’s peak, aka my own hairline), thinning hair, and those with broad foreheads.

But the Holika Holika employee told me the pen is mostly intended for when you wear your hair up--to avoid a "big face," which is apparently not a good look in Korea. She then used the pen to correct my widow’s peak and create a straight, supposedly more flattering hairline. I think it's a neat product, but I'm not convinced that the after is better than the before.  

Want to see how it works? Follow me!

Here's a recap for anyone who can't watch the video. 

The color of the product is on the warm-side for me so I'm using my Naked Basics Palette to cool it down. FYI, you could skip the pen altogether and just use a matte eye shadow that matches your hair color. 

Applying Holika Holika Wonder Hairline Maker

Applying Holika Holika Wonder Hairline Maker

nake basics palette

Cooling it down with my Naked Basics Palette. 

applying hairline

Erasing what my mama gave me.


widows peak hairline

Widow's peak hairline


Straight hairline

Straight hairline

  • Do you see a difference?
  • Would you "correct" your hairline? 
  • What other offbeat Korean beauty trends or products have you spotted lately? I must know!