Tutorial: Doe Eyes For Day-To-Night Glam

Take your makeup from work to play with this bright-eyed look.
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Take your makeup from work to play with this bright-eyed look.

Working as a barista in college, my coworkers and I always joked that tips were lower on the days when we didn't wear makeup. It was around that time that I started wearing what I dubbed The Doe Eye, a soft, shimmery brown-and-pink look paired with a cat-eye

It conveyed the perfect combination of sweetness and cluelessness, so people thought I needed money, but also deserved it, too, because I was so nice. My tips were at least 25% higher when I wore The Doe Eye (cross my heart). 

What I really love about this looks is that it’s subtle enough for work, but classy enough for going out afterward. That tip money isn’t going to spend itself!  

eye shadow palette

I’m back on the Milani Liner. I love it so!

I start by applying NYC BB Cream in Light around my nose and under my eyes to even out redness. Then I put on some KISS brand false lashes (putting lashes on over shadow can be tricky).  

face primed with makeup

Priming the lids with a swipe of toner and primer helps with blending and staying power. After that's done I cover my entire eyelid with a base of light pink shadow. I have slightly hooded lids, and I feel like this monochromatic wash opens them up a bit. 

eye shadow base

Taking the warm brown shade from my new Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette, I define my crease to the outer edge and blend. My technique for blending is to lightly work the brush in circular motions, using the edge of my socket as a guide.

brown eye shadow applied
brown eye shadow blended

Using a fluffy shadow brush, I dust a pearly pink shade over the lighter shadow to add dimension and widen my eyes to baby deer proportions. I skip the white eyeliner in my waterline because I think it makes people look like weird androids, but if you need it, go for it. If we ask if you’re a robot you have to answer honestly--it’s the law.

neutral eye makeup

To give this look some polish, I add a smooth cat-eye and curl and coat my lashes with mascara. I used Revlon’s Lash Potion, but didn’t love it: The brush wasn’t dense enough for my thin lashes, and the formula dried out and flaked rather quick. 

neutral makeup look

For the rest of my face, I use a tawny blush--100% Pure’s Cocoa Berry, to be exact--and a nude lip color. I’m currently loving Rimmel’s Coral Shimmer--despite the name, there’s just a hint of shimmer. It took me ages to find a nude that I liked that wasn’t too drying, but I still layer some balm underneath. Last is my winter go-to: A whisper of NYX Born to Glow on my Cupid’s bow and high on my cheekbones for extra definition.


eye shadow swatches

L-R: NYX Born to Glow Highlighter, Rimmel Moisture Renew in Coral Shimmer, Milani EYETECH in black, and Sleek’s Pamper, Organza and Wrapped Up, from their Oh So Special palette.

  • Do you have a standard look that takes you from work to play?
  • How old were you when you started wearing eye shadow? I think I was in thick, black eyeliner by 11, but didn’t really do shadow until I was almost 20!