3 Easy Contouring Hacks For Instant Cheekbones

Meet your new contouring BFF, the spoon.
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Meet your new contouring BFF, the spoon.

Cheekbone contouring can be one of those steps in your makeup routine that you just prefer to skip. For me, some matte bronzer just below the cheekbone makes all the difference, taking globular to angular with the swipe of a brush.

But what of technique? Using Urban Decay's Buck (a matte brown) as my contour powder, I’m going to test-run three contouring methods and see what works best.

asian blonde no contour

My un-contoured face.

The Tape Method

contouring cheekbones tape

Tape applied on top of the cheekbone.

Though this is regularly used for more angular looks, with a bit of blending you can definitely make it work.

contouring cheekbones tape

Applying Buck underneath the tape.

tape contour cheekbones

Remove the tape and marvel at your new cheekbones. Just kidding. Don't leave it like this.

tape contour


I liked this method for ease, but if you're wearing foundation, it does get a little tricky as it can peel off product.

The Spoon Method

From curling eyelashes to de-puffing eyes, spoons seem to do everything in the beauty world. Why not add contouring to the mix? Similar to the tape method, the spoon covers the area where you don't want the contour to go.

Looking ever so chic with a spoon over my cheekbone.

Looking ever so chic with a spoon over my cheekbone.

Hold the spoon over your cheekbone and apply the contour powder with a brush. Don't press too hard or the spoon will leave an indent on your face.

spoon contour cheekbones

I did that and now I am perturbed.

contoured cheekbones spoon

Blend and you'll get something like this.

I prefer the spoon to the tape, as I think the curve of the spoon creates a more natural finish. Plus, it won't peel of your foundation.

The Letter E Trick

This is my go-to when it comes to contouring, mostly because it doesn't require any extra equipment. Basically you're drawing the letter E on your face with your contouring brush--taking it from your temples, to underneath your cheekbones, and then to your jaw. Bonus: You can highlight by drawing a C within the top part of the E, starting from beneath the brow bone and ending at the tops of your cheekbones.

e shape contour

E stands for easy contouring.

blonde asian makeup

The finished look!

  • Which is your favorite contouring method?
  • Do you love any contouring powders as much as I love Buck?