Fix Your Bad Karma With These 3 Charitable Makeup Brands

When I spend a bunch of money on cosmetics, I usually feel guilty, but with these products I can be like, “Charity, yo! Get at me, universe!’
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When I spend a bunch of money on cosmetics, I usually feel guilty, but with these products I can be like, “Charity, yo! Get at me, universe!’

I’m actually kind of a terrible human. I do bad things a lot, and I’ve been doing that for a while. Every now and then, I have these revelations in which I think, “I should really start being a better person. Maybe I’ll smile at a stranger today or help an old lady cross the street.”

But I don’t. First of all, I hate strangers almost as much as I hate the people I know. Second of all, the only people I ever see waiting to cross the street are crackheads and college students, and those are two groups of people I do NOT want to get stuck in a conversation with.

I never call my parents or do the dishes, I’m always lying about plans to avoid my friends, I eat more than my fair share of the office candy supply, I peek into strangers’ medicine cabinets, I text during movies, and a lot of other things for which I deserve public shaming.

I suck, but I rarely care.

But, sometimes I get really worried about all the bad deeds I’ve done and if they’ll some day come back to haunt me. Am I destined to be punished like the Scooby Doo villain I truly am?

I’ve been trying to do goodly things to counteract my sinister true self. I’m working on my karma. I’m trying to up my status with the universe so that Kanye and all the other cosmic rulers might start smiling upon me. My good deed goals don’t stop when it comes to my beauty routine, though.

I’ve found some really great products from companies who support causes I believe in. It’s cool because usually when I spend a bunch of money on cosmetics, I’m met with a standard twinge of financial guilt, but with these products I can be like, “Charity, yo! Get at me, universe!’ 

Pretty things on top of a map of San Francisco because I miss it and I’m thinking about running away again. Jackson blows. But these products don’t!

Pretty things on top of a map of San Francisco because I miss it and I’m thinking about running away again. Jackson blows. But these products don’t! Photography shot with the Canon SL1.

We See Beauty/Make

The We See Beauty foundation works to benefit women’s cooperatives around the world. The foundation empowers and supports businesses owned, managed, and used collectively by the women working there. Their for-benefit cosmetics brand, Make, features a killer selection with contributions from selected modern artists in every field, and 33.3% of every sale goes towards the foundation.

First of all, go to their website. It is so well-designed, and they’ve figured out how to display beauty products in a way that’s both innovative and useful. I keep going back to the site just to browse because it is so nice to look at. After you’ve looked around a bit, get to shopping! Because not only do these products help a good cause, but the products I’ve tried are some of my new favorite things.

First, I picked up the Skin Illuminating Primer. I think I mostly got it because it’s a beautiful blue-green color and my toddler brain was like, “OOOH PRETTY!” 

I wasn’t disappointed. This primer can be worn alone or under makeup, and on its own, it really does create a lovely glow effect. I’ve also taken to occasionally patting it lightly on top of my foundation when it turns out too matte for my liking.

This product works for every skin type and shade, and has good stuff like vitamins and minerals in it. Also, speaking of minerals, I’ve been getting really into crystals and minerals and basically “fancy rocks” because I want to be your Weird Aunt, but this primer has hematite in it, which used to be called the “Blood Stone,” so this is probably the most badass primer of all time. Also it wards off bad energy, so buy it.

Additionally, this primer is not tested on animals, and is paraben-free and fragrance-free!

The second product I got was the Matte Finish Blush in Ochre, which is a really gorgeous soft orangey-pink. I like to fluff it lightly onto the apples of my cheeks for a natural and pretty flush.

These blushes are not tested on animals, and they are free of oil, talc, fragrance and parabens and they’re hypoallergenic to boot!

I wore the primer under my usual foundation, and the ochre blush. This is after a full 8-5 day of work. My skin still looks dewy! 


With my order, Make sent me three samples of their Silk Cream Lipstick, and they are great. They go on smooth, last a long time and are very pigmented without being overwhelming. 

The colors I got were Putty (a peachy nude), Taffy (a soft pink with purple undertones), and Maraschino Cherry (a gorgeous deep red). I am planning to buy the full-sized versions of Putty and Maraschino Cherry as gifts to myself soon. Like their other cosmetics I discussed, these lipsticks aren’t tested on animals and they’re paraben-free and hypoallergenic. Yay!

From left to right, Putty, Taffy, Maraschino Cherry. Pretty!!

From left to right, Putty, Taffy, Maraschino Cherry. Pretty!!

Haughty Cosmetics

The beginning of Haughty’s “About Us” on their website is awesome: 

At Haughty, we see women as beautiful and intelligent, glamorous and accomplished, sophisticated and caring. We seek to provide products that empower these diverse, multi-faceted women to feel confident and strong in all aspects of their daily lives. 

Yes please!

Fifty percent of the profits from every product sold by Haughty goes towards fighting violence against women and providing support for victims of domestic abuse. That’s awesome!

Their product line is a bit limited, but what they do offer is nice. You can choose from a variety of shadows, lip glosses, and brushes from their site, or from their locations in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Delaware, New Jersey, or Texas.

I ordered their lip gloss in a shade called Pull It Together, which is something I need to do. The shade is a lovely, deep wine red, and the color goes on smoothly and evenly. I’m not a huge fan of gloss, but this one wasn’t sticky or gooey like I usually anticipate. And their products are vegan

My bf said I was making a dumb face. He was right. Look at my lips, and then at the creepy girl in the frame next to me!

My bf said I was making a dumb face. He was right. Look at my lips, and then at the creepy girl in the frame next to me!

My favorite part about Haughty, other than the great cause they work for, is the names of their products. Some examples of their lip glosses: Overdeliver, Know Your Audience, Roll With It. So good. And their eyeshadows: Determination, Ambition, Strength,Work! These are very inspiring cosmetics.

Give this awesome brand and their website a look-see. You won’t regret it.

Radiant Cosmetics

From the Radiant Cosmetics site: 

Our mission is to help garner awareness for human trafficking by raising funds through cosmetics, to provide resources for those on the forefront of change, as well as victims of trafficking.

Yeah, I’m down with that!

Women dominate the cosmetics industry. I love these cosmetics brands that are giving back to women in need. Human trafficking is a horrific reality. It happens in big and small cities, and it happens way more than we’d like to acknowledge. Two million people are trafficked yearly worldwide, and 80% of those people are women and girls.

Radiant Cosmetics is awesome, and their work is needed! Through their wonderful products, Radiant is able to raise awareness and also raise funds to both help those fighting on the front line and provide resources and support to victims.

Radiant donates 20% of every purchase to their cause. All of their products are made in the US and are never tested on animals.

I ordered Radiant’s Matte Lipstick in Moscow which is a beautiful deep, dark burgundy red that’s absolutely perfect for fall and winter. 


Now, the downside to most of these companies: their products aren’t cheap. Combine that with the fear of ordering makeup online sight unseen, these purchases might not seem practical. But I’m here to vouch for the quality of the products I tried and have shown you. And whether or not it becomes your new go-to lipstick, looking at it in your makeup drawer will feel good because you’ll know you did good! And feeling good makes you look good!

I also think these products make really awesome gifts. Even if you don’t end up purchasing anything, I urge you to spread the word of these companies so we can help them do even more goodly works in this world!

I think these products improved both my appearance AND my karma! I don’t think they’ve totally made up for what a crappy human I’ve been the past 23 years, but baby steps, you know? Pretty little baby steps.

If you know of any similar companies working towards good causes, let me know! I’m almost pretty sure we’re gonna save the world, you guys.