Brow Bone Shadow: Bold Ways To Wear Color On Your Eyes

Perfect for those of us who get sad when we put color on our mobile eyelids because no one can see it.
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Perfect for those of us who get sad when we put color on our mobile eyelids because no one can see it.

One of my beauty resolutions for 2014 is to wear eyeshadow more often. Other than blush, it’s the beauty product that I skip the most. I have a good excuse for both: my rosacea makes blush unnecessary for me, and my weirdo eyelids make it hard for me to wear eyeshadow with confidence. 

My eyes are somewhat hooded, so it’s hard to even see any color on my lids when my eyes are open; on top of that, my eyelids are insanely creased and oily. By the end of the night, I usually have eyeshadow sitting caked in creases--not attractive.

Still, writing for xoVain has made me more adventurous with my makeup. I get so much inspiration from the other writers and the readers (yeah, you guys!). For example, Wendy’s everyday makeup look had me really into her pretty eyeshadow. And after I wrote about doing an upside-down smoky eye, some of you requested more makeup looks for those of us with hooded eyes. 

I tried my best to oblige by playing around with some eyeshadow over my holiday break, and the main idea I came up with was to focus my eyeshadow application on my brow bone instead of on my eyelids.

There are a few different ways to do this. You can brighten up your eyes with a light shade on your lids and then blend a darker shade into your crease/brow bone, or do the opposite by applying a darker color onto your lid and then blending a lighter shade upwards. You can also skip color on your eyelids altogether and just focus the color on your brow bone.

I’m going to demonstrate each of these. First, don’t forget to apply eyelid primer all the way up to your brows. Mine is from e.l.f.

Pinkies up, ladies.

Pinkies up, ladies.

Then I took out my Clinique All About Eyeshadow Duo that came free with my foundation order. I really love it; it blends really well and doesn’t slide around on my crazy eyelids.


It’s called Buttered Toast and has two shades, a shimmery white that I call Butter in my head and a bronze that I’ve dubbed Toast. Makes sense, right? 

I usually like to put Butter on my lids and the inner corners of my eyes and then blend Toast on the outer corners and crease.


If your eyes are really hooded or you just want to make more of an impact, you can extend Toast almost all the way up to your brow.


This would look great with a red lip.


For a more subtle, daytime look, using a paler color on your brow bones can look really pretty. I tried a few shades from my giant e.l.f. eyeshadow palette that I bought for $6 at Target. 

First, a shimmery, pale gold…


This one was a bit too sheer for me, but it might be a good way to ease into it if you’re unsure about wearing eyeshadow on your brow bone.


Next, I went with a darker bronze that’s similar to Toast but not as dark.


I really liked this shade; it felt sultry but not overdone.

I also did a very pale seafoam green.


I felt like this one brightened up my whole face.


I’ve also been trying to use purple eyeshadow more.


It can work for day or night, and I think it brings out my eyes in an unexpected way.


Here I applied a dark purple to my lid and then lightly faded it out to a paler purple along my brow bone.


For a very dramatic nighttime look, I used a dark green that I like to think brings out the bit of green in my eyes.


First I made a small cat eye with my sparkly black Sephora Collection Long-Lasting Eyeliner.

You may not be able to see the sparkliness in these pictures but I promise it exists.

You may not be able to see the sparkliness in these pictures but I promise it exists.

Then I followed that cat eye shape with the green eyeshadow, extending it outwards as well as up towards my brow bone. Again. (I think you get the gist by now, right?)


Finally, if you’re feeling extremely lazy and just want a quick pop of unexpected color, feel free to just skip your eyelids entirely and stick a pretty shade right on the brow bone. I did this with the prettiest turquoise shade and really liked it.


I wouldn’t wear it to work but maybe with my feathered dress to go to the best party ever in Bushwick á la Jessa in Girls.


I just applied it with my finger. No need to blend it too much; personally I like it as a stark swipe of color.


If you have hooded eyes (or even if you don’t) will you be trying any of these? Let me know which one was your favorite!